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After 4 years, now it’s back again and as exciting as ever! You know what we’re talking about, it’s the FIFA World Cup Russia 2018, the biggest international football cup known to the world. This time around, Russia receives the honour to host this prestigious football event, and everyone is looking forward to who’s going to bag the very much sought-after World Cup Gold Trophy.

With that being said, we bet everyone has their own favourite players and the highlights of the FIFA World Cup would be none other than these famous footballers busting out some moves and pulling the greatest football tricks out of their sleeves. Not missing out on the football fever, we’re listing down the 8 biggest names in the football world and their crazy expensive homes. After all, with the big bucks they’re making, it’s only right for them to have the best cribs in town.

1. Mesut Ozil - £10 million (RM53.2 million)


Known as the assist king, Mesut Ozil is a Germany footballer playing for the Germany national team and also the English club, Arsenal. Ozil plays mostly as a midfielder and and at times as winger, hence, gaining him the title assist king. Ozil is championing first in our list with his outstanding 10 million pound crib in Hampstead, North London.

His multi-million crib incorporates exquisite architecture based on Turkish interior and design, with Turkey-imported marbles, plus a painting of the Ottoman Sultan. Other notable features include a home cinema and games room where both are decorated with his own personal logo on the door entrance for a more personal touch.

2. Neymar Jr. - £6 million (RM31.9 million)


Second in our list, Neymar Jr is a Brazilian footballer playing for Brazil in this world cup. Also playing forward in his current club, Paris Saint-Germain, Neymar made breaking news with his €222 million transfer into the club, the highest amount ever in the history of football player transfers. Given that, it’s not a surprise that he purchased a whooping 6 million pound mansion in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil.

The mansion has all the facilities you’d see only in movies, such as its own private helipad, lakeside jetty, and an underground wine cellar. Other common facilities include a tennis court, gym, sauna, massage room, spa, and jacuzzi. Now this is what we call a super lavish home.

3. Christiano Ronaldo - $6.2 million (RM24.8 million)


Playing for Portugal in the World Cup, Ronaldo is already a star player for his Spanish club, Real Madrid. A household name for many, Ronaldo, with his number 7 jersey, has an accolade of achievements including five Ballon d’Or awards and four European Golden Shoes.

Befitting his status, the football star owns a USD6.2 million mansion in La Finca, Spain. The modern mansion standing at 8,600 sf boasts facilities such as a swimming pool, sauna, cinema, a media room, and a mini-football pitch. Other than this, he also owns a New York apartment and a mansion in Cheshire, England.

4. Lionel Messi - £4.5 million (RM23.9 million)


Lionel Messi is an Argentinian player, dubbed as one the greatest football players, tying up with five Ballon d’Or awards, similar to Cristiano Ronaldo. Playing for FC Barcelona, Messi bought a 4.5 million pound mansion in Castelldefels, Barcelona in 2009. The mansion is located only 12 miles away from Camp Nou Football Stadium where Messi trains.

Deemed as the most exclusive neighbourhoods in Catalonia, the mansion incorporates a Mediterranean style for its design, complete with a playground for his children, mini-football pitch, swimming pool, gym, garden terrace, and an outdoor dining area.

5. David De Gea - £3.85 million (RM20.5 million)


David De Gea is a Spanish footballer playing mainly as Spain’s goalkeeper and also Manchester United. Being a renowned goalkeeper and dubbed as the best by many, De Gea formerly owned a mansion worth £3.85 million in Cheshire, England, although the house was put up for sale after his recent move.

Regardless of the current ownership, De Gea’s former house has its own luxurious swimming pool and 1.5-acre private garden, tennis court, personal gym with ensuite bathroom, home cinema, and a separated converted cottage. With all these fancy gadgets, we think whoever bought the house must’ve surely made a great purchase.

6. Paul Pogba - £2.9 million (RM15.4 million)


A Manchester United star player, Paul Pogba is playing for the French team in this World Cup. Pogba is an aspiring French footballer who captained France to its glorious victory in the last 2013 FIFA U-20 World Cup, and won the Best Player award to top it off. Now as a professional footballer, he is starting to look into property that best-fits his garnered reputation.

Having recently purchased a 2.9 million pound mansion in Cheshire, England late last year, he managed to join the established neighbourhood for a number of football stars before this. The mansion with a price tag of originally 3 million includes a heated indoor pool, saunas, games room, mini goals, and an electronic scoreboard.

7. Harry Kane - $3.5 million (RM14 million)


Basking in the limelight of the World Cup 2018, Harry Kane has performed exceptionally well and is one of the players hot on the fans’ radar. Kane is the captain for England’s national team and also for Tottenham Hotspur. Positioning as a striker, Kane bought a London mansion in 2017 that is worth 3.5 million dollars.

Famously known to share social media updates with his home as the backdrop, the mansion’s interior is decorated in black, grey and other monochrome-themed colours, with facilities such as a golf simulator, home cinema, outdoor pool, private garden, and a 6-feet high security fence.

8. Toni Kroos - €1.8 million (RM8.3 million)


Toni Kroos is celebrated by many as the main player driving Germany to its victory in the 2014 FIFA World Cup, and as one of the footballers highly anticipated in Russia. Kroos is a known midfielder for Germany’s national team and Real Madrid. Interestingly, Kroos is actually currently renting a lavish mansion owned by Fernando Torres, located in La Finca, Spain.

By now, it seems like the location is an upscale neighbourhood for many football stars. Matching this status, Kroos pays 25 thousand euros monthly for a 6-year lease signed on the mansion, amounting to a total of 1.8 million euros. The mansion features facilities such as an infinity pool, both indoor and outdoor jacuzzis, games room, gym, and home cinema.


Looking back at all the lavish and grand mansions that these footballers call home would probably make you rethink your life choices and career decision, doesn’t it? Well, we are not exempted from having similar thoughts. Regardless, if you are looking for houses that have similar facilities and features of these football stars’ homes, check out now and leave us comments on which team you are rooting for in FIFA World Cup 2018!

(Written by: Aisyah Shukor, 26th June 2018)


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Recently, there is a debate in Singapore about Ben Davis' joining Fulham FC. 

His application for National Service deferment is rejected. Lack of support from Singapore MINDEF. This is a case of a talented player, gone to waste.

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