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What is your view ?


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I believe building materials will be cheaper with 0% GST. 

Those properties which are completed, their value should be decided by market supply-demand. What do you think?

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@domng I agreed to what you said. Well even building material cheaper also doesn't really affect much on property price if developer didn't want to reduce the price, isn't it

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The problem is people do not know about those property which completed but unsold , most of the buyer only focus to the new project. Also, many of these completed properties are far away from the city. Therefor , unsold ~~~

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If completed projects are far from the city, and not well maintained... then I am not surprised the potential buyer/investor will rather go for newly launched development. 

Of course, must consider projects from reputable developers, else the project might be left uncompleted, while you still need to serve the bank loan!