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Investments are risky. It’s just like a gamble because you’re never certain where your money might go. Some people invest in stocks and currencies, and it just seems right that you also spend on must-haves items for your home that might help you be prepared for the unforeseen circumstances. Just like a lady stocking her handbag with all the daily essentials for every surprise situation, stock your home now with these home essentials that are worth putting your cash in.

1. Fire Extinguisher


Did you know that on the average, about 6,000 premises are destroyed by fire every year? This is claimed by the Fire and Rescue Department (FRD). In a statement, FDR Chief, Khirudin Drahman also said that most major fires are a result of people being unaware and unable to prevent them at the initial stage.

Sharing the same sentiment, Director of Osafe Fire Inspection Sdn Bhd, Reuben Teoh divulged that 80% of houses in the country do not have the life saving device - fire extinguisher. The moral of the story here is to invest on one because prevention is always better than cure.

2. Torchlight


Torchlights or flashlights are essential for power outage solution. You never know when your power will go out at home — which happens quite frequently in Malaysia. On top of that, torchlights come in handy when you need to search for small items under your bed or at the corner of the wall behind the sofa.

While a flashlight from a mobile phone can help with basic lighting tasks, a dedicated torchlight will be the best tool for the job. The reasons are simple, a solid and dedicated torchlight is brighter, has more power, sturdier in construction and in fact the battery lasts much longer than a cell phone’s battery.

3. First Aid Kit


It goes without saying that a first aid kit is an absolute MUST in your home. This can help you address minor injuries i.e. cuts and burns immediately. It should contain basic items such as plasters in various sizes and shapes, bandages, sterile dressings, safety pin, cloth tape, antiseptic wipes, disposable sterile gloves, topical antibiotics, and paracetamol, just to name a few. Go ahead and visit Red Cross website to understand the anatomy of a first aid kit.

You can definitely put together a first aid kit yourself as those items are easily accessible at local pharmacies. Otherwise, you can buy the ready-made first aid kits. Another thing to take note is to ensure that the kit is fully stocked at all times and the supplies are not expired. Though it should be easily reachable, your first aid kit should be locked and kept in a cool, dry place out of the reach of children.

4. Rice Cooker


This one might seem obvious, but it’s worth mentioning for the simple fact that a rice cooker is like a staple for almost everyone growing up—just like the washing machine and kitchen sink. Nowadays, rice cookers come in many functions and they are not limited to just cooking rice anymore. They are now great products for people with a variety of culinary requirements, from slow-cooking meats to steaming vegetables, from cooking soups to baking bread, the list goes on.

With that being said, cooking has become much easier for working adults who have no time to cook, and for college students who are too lazy to cook with limited space (we all have cooked instant noodle with a rice cooker, admit it). Unlike most heavy cooking such as frying, using a rice cooker in your home for cooking will not give out those greasy particles that will stay on your fabric or furniture — producing all those nasty smells afterwards. You never have to worry about your stove running out of gas anymore, when you need to pull together a dinner right away.

5. Cleaning Set

There is no reason why you don’t have any cleaning set at home. Even if you have a domestic helper to take care of your daily house chores, you cannot go wrong with all the cleaning solutions, broom, mop, rags, disinfectants, sponges, and versatile vacuum cleaner.

Accidental spills and dirt are unavoidable especially if you have children or pets. This is when the cleaning set comes into play to rescue your favourite sofa and pillows from disasters. For vacuum cleaner, you need to invest in a durable one that can withstand daily use.

6. Basic Toolbox


A basic toolbox is also one of the most important items that every household should have. A simple toolbox for easy home improvement tasks include hammers, pliers, screwdrivers, wrenches, nails, among many other things.

For new house owners, a basic toolbox is a total lifesaver when you need to do some small repairs and DIY projects that are fairly easy to do, without hiring professionals. You should ALWAYS leave more complicated fixes such as emergency leaks and electrical fault to someone who really knows how.

7. Extension Cords and Adaptors


We all have the same problem at home — the electric outlets and sockets are far away from the devices or appliances that we are using. It is important to have adaptors and extension cords handy in every home, as some homes, particularly condominium units, do not have enough electric outlets.

Another situation is when you have a lot of electronic and entertaining devices to plug in at the same time as a result of the last-minute guests, an extension cord can help big time — Problem solved.

So that’s about it, consider this your ultimate checklist from PropSocial to keep stashed for any emergencies that might occur. Let us know what other items you find necessary to be made available at home!

(Written by: Sonder, 3th Aug 2018)


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Truly agree on the must have items especially the fire extinguisher, Flashlight and first aid kit. It's important to have them.

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Maybe it is a good idea for developers to provide fire extinguishers when owners sign the VP form for their residential homes. Hope the government support by making it mandatory to keep fire extinguishers in our homes. 

Currently I believe developers provide FOC fire extinguishers for commercial properties. 

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Missing one thing for Asian households - rice cooker XD

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@admin_ps thank you for sharing

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A list of safety, survival and useful items need to have. For fire extinguisher not everyone can afford to buy it. Also need to have proper place to keep it at home.