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Understanding how you remote control works can increase your comfort at home

1. Illuminated Power Button

Turn on your air conditioner remotely using this wireless control. The large illuminated button makes it easier to access even in the dark

2. LCD Display

This is where you are able to see the current setting.

3. The Swing Button

You can easily control the air flow by using this button. Press the SWING until it reaches your preferred position, then lock the position by pressing the button again

4. Reduce the noise by using the QUIET button

Feeling very noisy with the airflow sound? No worries. Press on this QUIET button to reduce the noise level.

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Great, just in case some don't really know how it operates. But with the new technology from the AC, there are many more features on the remote control itself.

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I lot of these remote control functions, are available from your smartphone which has an IR blaster.

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@acsonmalaysia10 thank you for sharing