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Hi all!

Please be aware of this CON MAN! I and many students/contractors in Sunway got scammed by him recently amounting at least 70,000RM.

When I read scam news before, I never thought it would happened to me but it did. It may happen to you too so please always stay alerted.
The guy name is Wong Yi Pei (Eugene) (Residence address: PJS 9, Bandar Sunway, Selangor) What makes the scam tricky are:
- He used to be a normal agent for few years.The phone number: 0196610626 , the email eugene.yipei@gmail.com were in use for few years. He knows the industry so he talked reasonably, convincingly. He had the contract well prepared. He appears totally normal.
- He was the house keeper for one of the unit in Sunway Geo Residences as the owner is abroad. He found tenants, collect rents, pay utilities bill on behalf of the owner. Therefore, when we visited the room, everything was normal. He had all the keys and access cards. There was tenant in the house and he greeted them. He was able to show us the messages between him and other tenants for the past few months.
At the end, he run away with all the deposit from soon-to-be-tenant and current tenant and also did not give last month rental to the owner. You can read more about the story here https://www.facebook.com/sunwayconfessions3/photos/a.1039741906128313/1363260810443086/?type=3&theater
Receipt, contract, all the paper thing do not mean anything. Once they run, your money is gone and no one can help. When you give money to some one, try to think about the worst scenario and think about the best way to protect yourself. In our case, we have his true ID (most of the time, scammer uses fake one), bank account, we find his family members, his friends. More than 10 police reports have been made but 1 month passed by and he is still nowhere to be found. If you have any advice, please do reply/message me.
Stay safe.


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many fraudster nowadays, please bank in to company account directly 

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@carmenfoong that's why need to bank in separately. One to the owner and one to the agent (commission). I thought this is the common practice though

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yes that's the suppose practise, what i meant is there are owners insist all the deposits paid to them and after that say goodbye, refuse to pay, u never heard of such incidents before?...

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@AmyShin thank you for sharing