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Anyone know the actual procedure How to apply for the conversion of  TNB tariff from Commercial to Residential if the property is under Commercial title but is for residential use only .


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is it governed under HDA?

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@henry Yes , under HDA

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if JMB formed, you need 50% owners to give consent to change tarrif rates. Bring the proof where the residential unit is solely for residential used. AND the property must be under HDA.

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if one unit only, just bring proof of residential use, no commercial activity involved, then go to TNB, they will ask you to sign form, pay RM10 if i'm not mistaken to apply.

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Haved checked with TNB  & Documents to be prepared -

I/C copy , Premise picture outside & inside ,latest TNB bill , write a Letter of Application to TNB , RM10 stamp duty 

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@jenniferng GREAT! 

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@jenniferng if you water bill paid to jmb, can u apply to change to residential rate?

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I think for water bill that pay to JMB cannot be converted as they consider also the retail commercial shops units as well 

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You need to write in a letter to the nearest TNB branch near your place, stating that your unit is for residential purpose. You also need to fill in a form requesting for conversion to residential rate, the form can be get from the TNB branch.

Besides, some newly handover project's JMB will helps the owners to bulk submit application form. Do expect few months for the whole procedure.

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@jenniferng contact tnb

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@jenniferng thank you for sharing