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Would you be buying (or planning to buy) a property in the next 6 months?

If no, why?

If yes, what is the price range you are looking at?


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I believe anytime is a Good time to buy properties even in recession .How ever u need to get a loan is the main criteria. Property prices is not going to appreciate much now with the High price from the GST and slow down of the economic situation in which the Market

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Now property market slowing down, buyers trying to wait for the right time, sellers trying to sell out their properties. I guess, mainly because of GST and the economy situation :(

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Yes, waiting to pick up some good deals ... anticipate that there will be  a lot of "force sell" properties soon.

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anytime when you're affordable to buy that's the the right time =)

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Yes I am looking for a property now, purpose is for own stay. Personally think its a good time to buy for own stay now as developers are giving out more freebies than ever due to rather stagnant market; for investment, I think it could wait.

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  Hi Zara, is Kelvin here. I think you have the right mind set in buying property during this season. I know few new property in Klang Valley which give good rebate. Do contact me @ 010-3662036 if you interested.   

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Everyone should look see, survey & grab