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Hi everyone, newbie here, I tried to search for situation but not found so I start a new one. Got a question, do sinking fund cover pipes after water meter in the riser? If leaking who should pay, management or owner? Tq.


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@yeuwlung1976 management as it is not interior piping. 

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@windzneom thank you for your reply. Any supporting document that I can show to my management because they said I got to pay for the repair cost. Thank you.

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Hi Yeuw Lung...

Thanks for sharing us your problem.

In related to this, we would like to share you an article to understand the differences between Sinking Fund and Maintenance Fee.


In a nut shell, the problem you shared should be related to Maintenance Fee instead of Sinking Fund. Hence, you may first need to study a little on what is documented in the handbook of your condo / apartment's Joint Management Body (JMB) before taking any action.

Hope this helps.