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I just want to express my opinion to PropSocial. I hope you do some major changes on your website .

1. Headlines

-  I hope you ca change the way we insert our ads where we also can out whatever headlines we want. Because the details are heavy with information, most visitor don't read it. To them, all look same. The different is price & location only. The way to make them attract to the information is though the headline or subject of the listing.

2. Repost 

- I think we can't repost an ads everytime or everyday. Need to wait for quite certain time, then can repost it. To me, this will make the traffic of the site slow, because agent can repost as many as we want. Beside not visitor will view this site everyday. PropSocial also need to think about competitor.


-Credit package are also to big. RM299. almost RM300. Should provide lower for example like RM50 or RM100.


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The rewards with point have also become more unattractive. The points required to redeem some vouchers have been greatly increased, that's why less people are actively involved in the discussions and stuffs already.

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Good pointers, yes also agreed with @henry, the rewards is not attractive and limited, can increase the rewards

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Hi Prop social,

Can you offer the policy on extending the credit validity of 1 Year from date of purchase to TWO Years instead..?? Many of the listing, on re-post, will be adjusted on blasting area of focus and hence the depletion of credit may take time to consume. Thank you.

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Heartiest thanks for all your suggestions. We shall them all into consideration. Happy Navigating at PropSocial.