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Can do a survey here? What is the upcoming 5 years property market trends look like? 

Up or Down? 


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@freemanwoo, everyone have their own point of view but no one can be really many factors that will be affecting the industry

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In five years will be more property supply but the demand will less among locals people bce of high end developments

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The property market will stay consistent if the the economic situation of the country continue to have growth and not fall into a recession. Having said that, some sectors like the highrise residential properties and offices are already experiencing an over supply situation trending on a glut. Under such circumstances, good locations and affordable pricing will be in better demand than other poorly located properties. The Landed houses in good and established locations will resilient through. 

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whether 5 years or not... i think main thing is whether people are still looking to flip? basically property for me is long term investment still. As long as the basic is there, dont think will go wrong too far. It wont be up trend within two years... but 5 years perhaps a plateau i should say. Still too much thing will affect the trend, such as affordable home campaign, development nearby, political situation, etc...