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Hi all Sifus, I am currently looking at this low density semi-d concept condo which I'm totally satisfied with the floor plan, size and price.

However I have a few doubts needed to clear. Hope to hear some advise from Sifus here.

1) The carpark is not within the same block as the condo.

CP is at it's own building. Connected to the Condo. Is this a good concept? As I'm used to staying at condo whereby the CP is located at the bottom of the residential units. This will have about 7 floors of units at the same level with the CP. In a sense, it kinda create the feeling of landed property.

2) The facilities are located at the GF.

Facilities ie. swimming pool gym etc are located at the GF same level with the entrance. Is this going to be an issue? Will that affect the enjoyment of common facilities at the premises? (I rarely use the common facilities at my place anyway)

3) The unit I book is located at the same level with my CP.

This one really creates the feel of landed house concept. Advantage is that I no need to wait for the lifts with the others once I reached home.

Disadvantage is that the unit I book is 1 unit away from the CP block. I foresee people have to pass by my unit to enter the lift. (But does this really bothers the home experience?)

4) The yard.

The yard is located next to the kitchen. Not sure if the yard is accessible from the corridor or not. If from what I've seen in the movies and how some engineers do their repairs at the air cond ledge. Normally u just need to place a ladder between two walls then u can cross the void zone. Some safety issues that bothers me a little bit. Condo shouldn't be so easy to enter kut?

5) 3 Blocks

The project is expecting to have 3 blocks of building. (4 including CP). However as of now, when I visit the site, I notice what's written on the board is that only 2 blocks of buildings has received approval from the authority. The project is 36+12 months. According to the agent the +12months was applied in order to ensure the 3rd block gets approval so by the time VP, all 3 blocks of the buildings will be handover at once. (Positive thing I've seen at the site is that the construction for Block B and the CP has reached about the 6th or 7th floor ad)

In the event if the 3rd block didn't receive approval, would that affect my unit? Ie delayed in VP? Or I get VP first whilst the 3rd block might be still under construction?

6) Dev Refunds.

Since this will be my first property, I'm unsure how soon do Dev normally refund the cash rebate to you guys upon VP? Is it within 3 months? Or as long as 6 to 12 months? The project is expected to be completed by 2nd Q of 2021. May needed this amount of money for the renovation etc. 

Hope to hear from Sifus soon. Kamsiah.


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you have done some homework, may we know which property is that?

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@carmenfoong E Park Residence