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If u drive along OKR from Sunway to Mid Valley, I am sure u can notice the number of development projects on the left and right side of the road. Many of these projects are developed on freehold land. If one is looking for a residential unit for own stay, which project do u think is the best option??

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New property or subsale?

New one, there's CitiZen, I think just launched. Subsale, Saville Residence not bad. I like it.

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Anyone know what is the name of the one next to Pearl Point? Another one before Scott Garden (previously used to be a college or institute they are upgrading it to become a condo??

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I would recommend you Merc Residence @ Tmn Desa 

There is only 36 Unit being built, and the price vs the one that is currently building in OKR is more or less the same... 

I find this place nice and cozy not forgetting lots of privacy... 

the only condo in KL whereby almost each tenant knows each other within that building itself.

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Thanks, will get more details. Monthly service charges must be very high given the small density...

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Looks good. How old is this Merc Residence? Occupancy rate? Is the Management/JMB doing a good job? Access roads congested or not?

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Hi Mr Pan, Merc Residence around 8 years old...

Free Hold unit...

Management and security guard terrific.... and the security guard there can recognize each and every tenant unit number by seeing their face...

access road not bad... got a few road to go in and out from there... 

Building Management Manager (Mr Paul) very friendly and observant.

The developer is  AM-EL Development (the one that built Dataran Merdeka), Setapak Ria and Merc Residence (with other project in Melaka and Penang)

Three Type:

Type A: 1205sf
Type B: 1067sf
Type C: 1021sf

Occupancy .... 90%

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smallest unit will cost how much? residents are mainly tenants or owners? strata title out already? where to park second car?

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Mr Pan, there are ample visitor parking right outside the condo :) all for merc residence

Strata Title out already :)

mostly owner and some foreign tenant :)

smallest unit no stock now (but got last transacted price lah)

the other 2 i got ;)