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Given the mamoth TRX financial district and the vast amount of boosters, this is an upcoming area waiting to boom. The success of Maluri  Cheras will be 100% dependent on the matunity of TRX. Once TRX is matured with more banks and MNCs moving in, Maluri will slowly transform into the upper working class hotspot to stay. Agreed ?


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Traffic jam is certainly a problem, but it proves that the area is in good demand due to the huge population, right?

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Looking at the growth triggers it shows that it’s a place to invest. Major infrastructures to increase the people there, great accessibility with MRT, LRT, malls nearby, and the ripple effect. I do have projects in hand if anybody is interested. Thank you. 

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got potential to grow if supply not over demand

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currently i found many below bank value property almost all bellow 100k, is good for we work hard can good make income