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Given the mamoth TRX financial district and the vast amount of boosters, this is an upcoming area waiting to boom. The success of MaluriĀ  Cheras will be 100% dependent on the matunity of TRX. Once TRX is matured with more banks and MNCs moving in, Maluri will slowly transform into the upper working class hotspot to stay. Agreed ?


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em.......i don't think so, i know cheras maluri area is blooming up, but however isn't my location, i most on petaling jaya area, so sorry to cheras area.

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Agreed, Cheras is beside KL, once KL no more land to develop, population will move to Cheras as well, KL >> Cheras >> Kajang >> Semenyih, this is how the township mature.

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and cheras is best area, and now MRT & LRT & public transport is so convenient, is good for investment for rental

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Easy access to amenities, foods, banks, malls, LRT, MRT............ traffic ok if u stay before Cheras Sentral station