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Yesterday i went paradigm mall, I think there was a serious water leaking problem...

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it's blur, but the water leak through the light bulb
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hmmm, ya, they are in the mid of cleaning the water
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Around parking area

As new development, Azure Residences going on that connected to paradigm mall, what do you think about the quality of the developer n development ?


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@ppnnkk2011, I agreed ! Probably also because malaysian always see a lot of news regarding poor government projects...(opsss) Btw, property management should always take care of these kind of issues, because it's really a bad impression for buyers who are looking to buy their property under the same developer.

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Apparently, the Main Place Residence in USJ 21, has the same issue too. A lot of residents complain about the piping and leakage problem. It was an abandoned project for quite sometime until Bina Puri took over and completed it.

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USJ 19 Citymall also the same... at the ground floor near the toilet area; they put all the plastic pails to collect the water!!!

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Been to USJ19 Mall, but seems so dead. Some who don't stay in Subang, might not even know this place.