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A kitchen is a place that you would visit several times a day as it houses food and beverage as well as essentials for one to whip up a scrumptious meal.

In the kitchen, you would also come across several utensils in various shapes and sizes that are vital when creating your daily meals.



When moving into a new home one would prefer for it to look neat and tidy, however, a kitchen if not managed well can stick out like a sore thumb! Here are some solutions for you to implement in your home to ensure that your kitchen stays organised all year round.

Hang Important Items Inside a Cabinet

You can opt to hang measuring cups and spoons inside the cabinet and away from young children instead of mixing it up with your silverware and risking these utensils from being used as toys or “musical instruments”.

When using this trick, one should line the inner surface of the cabinet with materials that could dampen clanking noises when you open and close the cabinet door such as cork or even sponge.


Organise Countertops with Trays

One of the easiest ways to manage countertop clutter is by placing all the items that you are using on a tray. This would ensure that the mess that you make is contained.

Some of the things that you can place on the tray can include oils, spices and the most frequently used utensils. This way you could reduce the wear and tear of your kitchen cabinetry as you would not have to open and close cabinet doors several times to access the aforementioned items.

Using a moderately sized tray on your countertop should also ensure that you would be able to determine exactly what you would need to place on the countertop and keep these items at a minimal.


Add Drawers Under Base Cabinets

When one is pressed for space, one must think out of the box and create space in places and means that you would not have thought of before! You can place drawers under your kitchen cabinets, usually wasted space sometimes called the plinth (the last few inches under your floor cabinets.

This smart solution turns especially small kitchens and pantries instantly into spaces with so much more room for storage. It is wise to place flat and less commonly used items here such as trays and cloth.

Organise with a Hanging Utensil Rack

If you are planning or incorporating brick and mortar or industrial theme for your kitchen this method would be perfect for you to place your most commonly used kitchen utensils while freeing up drawer or cabinet space in your kitchen.

One can use simple plumbing materials to create a DIY hanging utensils rack for example mounting a series of plumbing pipe clips in a row and hanging the completed organiser on a wall for a timeless finish!


Use Tension Rods for Added Storage

Tension rods are extremely versatile and can be used within most cabinets in your kitchen for hanging items. The best place to start off with would be under the sink as this space is usually ignored.

What you can place on a tension rod includes linen used to wipe your countertops, a perch for kitchen sprays as well as larger mugs (whereby the rod will go through the handles).


Now that you are familiar with some of the many methods of making your kitchen look neat and uncluttered you would understand that the image that you may have seen in your Instagram feed isn't that difficult to achieve.

All it takes is a little patience, creativity, proper planning as well as simple innovation in creating storage spaces especially when you are only able to accommodate a small kitchen or pantry space within your residence.


Don't be afraid to think out of the box and use items such as plumbing materials and recyclables that could be repurposed and used to create unconventional organisers for your kitchen space!

(By Viknesh Ashley Clarence, 18 July 2019)


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