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I've seen and met lots of unpresentable property agents before who were not bothered to dress up properly to portray a professional image while meeting their buyers / clients. Even worse, when they post weird profile picture of themselves on their page promoting the properties they are selling.

This is too funny for me not to share. Check this out : http://uproxx.com/webculture/2012/12/fantastic-real-estate-agent-headshots-tumblr-is-almost-too-real/?showall=true

Have you met any agents like that before? Or how do you think a professional agent (man and woman) should dress?


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Full suit seems to be the norm, at least for some big developers at their over lavish show houses... Furthermore, you can only view their show unit with an appointment with one of their sales person (in full suit).

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Dominic, Really???? I've never seen an agent or developer wearing full suit before. Not even during their launching event. 

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A bit weird wearing too formal during viewing though. Haha.

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Come to Johor's Country Garden and Forest City sales gallery. Then you know what I mean by "full suit service" Haha