OIB Group introduces Myra Putra in Putrajaya, a low dense apartment that completely changes how affordable homes are presented.

Putrajaya is now welcoming a new development that aspires to change public perception about affordable housing. For most homebuyers, when the thought of affordable homes comes to mind limitations such as a basic cookie-cutter design, high-density and limited facilities are some key discouraging factors.

Myra Putra by OIB Group is a new affordable residence introduced under the KPKT MyHome scheme but redefines the way an affordable home should look and feel. While all buyers enjoy up to RM30,000 rebates under the scheme, they can look forward to exceptional living standards including a vibrant facade, bright and airy corridors, and condo-grade facilities at only RM299,800 for a 920sq ft, three-bedroom and two-bathroom apartment.

Myra Putra is low density with only 200 units of apartments shared across two blocks that are 5 storey’s high. Each block holds 20 units a floor, serviced by 2 lifts.

Myra Putra is situated in Desa Pinggiran Putra on Malay Reserve leasehold land. The area is rapidly transforming into a highly sought after locale teeming with young homebuyers due to its proximity to Putrajaya, ample green spaces and excellent connectivity.

Oriental Interest Bhd (OIB) general manager of sales and marketing Wendy Lim explained, “the prospective young home buyers of today focus on three qualities when they look for a home; affordability, an attractive and vibrant living space nestled within a great location.

Despite its close proximity to the heart of Putrajaya, Myra Putra is priced 15% lower than the average price per sq ft of similar homes in the vicinity, presenting young families and executives an unbeatable offering. Besides the price, there are many reasons to be excited about the affordable property.

We aim to give residents a sense of refined living through the creation of rewarding homes for the investment they have worked hard for placing attention to detail in the facade design, facilities and communal areas resulting in a vibe that one would normally find in a more premium home.”

To the delight of young first-time property owners, the medium cost property is gated and guarded and features several communal spaces with unique layouts and a vibrant exterior. The property also features a clubhouse to facilitate gatherings and for children to play safely.

Some of the unique facilities encased within Myra Putra include; a climbing wall, outdoor theatre, a fun park with trampoline, a performing platform, celebration corner as well as a game room and gym.

Wendy added, “why rent when you can own? With Myra Putra, you can own an affordable apartment that comes with condo-grade facilities 15% lower price as compared to the average priced per sqft in the area with monthly instalments not exceeding RM1,500 as compared to RM1,200 the lowest available rental in the area.” Myra is now open for booking.