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Where to log in complaint on issue about property management company?

Seem like there is no formal guideline stated that how should they manage a condo/apartment effectively.


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Maybe try LPPEH? But u need to call many times before someone pick up your call

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Hi Nic Ngol, you can type out the name of the condo in our homepage under the search bar and you'll be directed to the condo and you can leave down your comments down there. Thank you.

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Guideline or best practice actually varies from property management company to other pmc.

there is no 'official' guideline for these company to manage the property, though generally most of the time, they should refer or comply to the Strata Management Act 757.

if you are having issue you may inform your property's JMB about it first, failing which if they don't respond, you can escalate to commissioner of building, COB of your area.