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Take a peek outside and you can see the sharp ray of the sun reflecting off surfaces, and you can even feel its sting on your skin, you try to escape but simply can't find a way to hide!

The heat is now unbearable. You try going indoors but it is not getting any better, this is because of the thinning ozone layer and the sun’s harmful rays piercing through. What can you do to save the environment while fighting the battle to stay cool?

Fret not, the solutions are aplenty, yet ingenious. Take a look at some of the easy methods that you can incorporate instantly to keep your abode cool.

Work from the Outside In


To ensure that the amount of heat absorbed by your residence is greatly reduced, you can start by installing an awning placed above your windows to shade your home from the sun.

For a budget-friendly and natural approach, you could also opt to plant vines. Vines help reduce the temperature by blocking the direct sunlight that heats up exterior walls, resulting in the creation of a natural curtain effect.

Insulate your Windows


Though slightly unsightly, window films can truly help cut the heat out within your home significantly, thus, maintaining cool and consistently low temperatures within one’s home.

This should, in turn, reduce electricity costs to keep one’s home cool naturally while allowing one to enjoy the magnificent views outside your residence.

Switch Your Exhaust Fan On


Trapped air in any part of your home can add on to the stuffiness, resulting in increased indoor temperatures. In this situation, what one should do is to install a bathroom fan and keep it on especially during the day!

Bathroom fans and exhaust fans usually overlooked by homeowners are truly effective in sucking the hot air circulating within your home and pushing it out successfully!

Install Fans in Strategic Spots


If you find yourself randomly standing in your home at a certain spot pretty often, well wait no longer - this would be one of the strategic spots for you to fix a fan on the wall.

Fans in function are used simply to circulate air, therefore, it actually makes sense for you to install small fans in hallways or near windows so that breeze is directed successfully throughout your home, leaving less room for heat to get trapped.

Hack Your Ceiling Fan Rotation


Did you know changing the fan blades position could help keep your home cool? Yes! It is as simple as that. Having the fan blades turn counter-clockwise will push air downwards and on really hot days you don't have to skimp on the fan speed.

Use Ice


Jokes aside, you can create a cool breeze with a simple bowl and sufficient ice cubes. All you would have to do is fill a large bowl with enough ice and place it in front of a fan. This should result in a chilly breeze that lasts long enough for you to fall asleep.

You can now even add a chill to your pillows, via purchasing pillows that contain a cooling gel that can help disperse one's body heat. Amazing!

Change your Light Bulbs


Incandescent lights and IR LEDs waste a lot more energy as they produce heat in the form of infrared (IR) radiation.

IR radiation heats the enclosures and surroundings of incandescent bulbs as well as IR LEDs making them too hot to be touched.

Make the switch to compact fluorescent lamps or LEDs, that can both cool your home while also reducing your electricity bill substantially.


Most of these methods can be carried out instantaneously, thus, you would actually wonder why you hadn't thought of these methods before!

Now that you are equipped with these simple and eco-friendly methods of cooling your home, quit waiting around and get your hands busy in your crusade to keep temperatures in your peaceful abode at bay!

(By Viknesh Ashley Clarence, 20 August 2019)


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