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The increasing cost of landed homes off late has resulted in several developers creating practical and compact living quarters targeted to first time home buyers and to those looking for affordable property options, such as two- and three-bedroom apartments ranging between 600 sf till 1,000 sf.

There are, however, a handful of property ateliers that are venturing into the creation of hybrid landed homes or townhouses that offer the best of both worlds; landed and highrise living combined, introduced at pocketable prices that are very much in demand amongst those looking for a new property.

Townhouse living is considerably new, has very few drawbacks but offer several benefits that could apply to a large number of prospective homeowners. Could this living concept appeal to you? Take a look at some of the key factors that you could benefit from when opting to live in a townhouse property!


1. Cost Efficiency

This is the most apparent reason that is the pull factor as to why several prospective homeowners are considering townhouse living. Townhouses are usually less expensive compared to double-storey terraced homes due to the property’s strata title and the slightly smaller square foot offered, resulting in lower utility bills as well as a centralised maintenance cost.

With the rising price of typical landed properties, townhome living offers a lifestyle very similar to terraced home living with added conveniences as well as features commonly experienced when one chooses to live within a high rise property such as the availability of clubhouse facilities and several common shared areas.


2. Convenience Assured

Townhouses that are priced affordably are commonly crafted with first-time homeowners in mind. Such townhouses, though developed in newer townships are usually positioned close by established amenities and entertainment options as well as transport hubs for the ease of commuting.

Positioning a townhouse close by public transit is key as young executives looking for job opportunities or just looking for an easy commute to work are usually those who choose to live within this hybrid landed property option.

Adding to that, one would also notice that many of the common areas surrounding a townhouse such as as the landscaping are taken care under a centralised maintenance fee. This means even if you are always on the go and don't have the time to take care of the exterior of your home, it would not become unkempt.


3. Split-Level and Designated Spaces

Most Malaysian townhouses are designed spaciously, maximising adequate living quarters into the 1.5 storeys designated to each strata unit. One of the key benefits of townhouse living as compared to high rise properties is that each unit comes with separate floors that place all bedrooms on one floor and another floor that would house a spacious living area, the kitchen and in certain households even a maid’s room.

This means that you will be able to host guests without affecting the privacy of other occupants living in the home! It is also common to see the upper unit of a townhouse accommodate a storage area as soon as you enter the unit, with a narrow stairway that leads into the aforementioned living and kitchen area.


4. Spacious Outdoors

Most townhouses have plots of land that are owned by the property purchaser. This provides ample parking space, room to house pets, plots for one to carry out gardening as well as for children to play as a family continues to grow. If you are looking for ownership of a small piece of outdoor space, townhouse living could be ideal for you!

Aside from the luxury of having outdoor space, and a backyard to host family gatherings most townhouses also include adequate balconies larger than the typical balcony that you would find within a high rise property. Space provided in these outdoor appendages is adequate for a mini garden that you could access from your bedroom, perfect for one to relax and unwind after a long and hectic day of work.


5. Close-Knit Community

When it comes to townhouse living you will definitely make new friends as the units featured in this property type are built next to and on top of each other. Some of the spaces within the property are shared, however, there are benefits to living in a community that is close-knit.

In the case of emergency help is just a few steps away and nothing beats the comfort of knowing that if you decide to leave your home for longer periods, there would always be someone to check on your pets.


Living in a townhouse is not for everybody due to the proximity and shared spaces that you would have to compromise with your neighbour, however, if that is not your concern, this type of living can reward homeowners with expansive living offered a price that is equivalent to a high rise home; truly hard to resist. The choice is yours!

(By Viknesh Ashley Clarence, 22 August 2019)


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if you get good neighbours that's a bonus, otherwise, u wise you stay elsewhere