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Standing From the Left: Datuk Yeo Chun Sing, Datuk Seri Chiau Beng Teik, Adrian Swea

Sitting From the Left: Chiau Haw Choon, Samuel Swea Jia Qi

Last Friday, a joint venture (JV) signing ceremony was held between 8th & Stellar and Melody Kindyland amid much celebration.

VIP attendees to the event included; Chin Hin Group Bhd deputy managing director Datuk Seri Chiau Beng Teik, Chin Hin Group Bhd managing director Chiau Haw Choon, Melody Kindyland founder and chief operating officer (CEO) Samuel Swea Jia Qi, Chin Hin Property Development managing director Datuk Yeo Chun Sing and Chin Hin Property Development chief operating officer Shelly Chiau Yee Wern.

Chin Hin Group Bhd (Chin Hin) understands that education, especially for children, is of utmost importance thus the company wants to provide convenient access to high-quality education right at its doorstep.

Adding to that the innovative property atelier is constantly on the lookout to deliver new ideas and solutions designed with customers in thought, driving change for the property industry.

Chin Hin had sought after an education partner that is innovative, visionary and is able to provide a holistic and experiential approach to education, teaching children how to stay resilient in the near future.

As technological advancements and geographical shifts continue to pave the way we live and work, Chin Hin Group Bhd is taking it in their responsibility to equip the next generation with the right skills and knowledge to navigate and manage new global realities.

Melody Kindyland (Melody), an established early childcare and children’s education provider hailing from Penang is the perfect match for the vision that the 8th and Stellar developer wants to realise, due to their approach that is both holistic and innovative.

Having kicked off in 1991, Melody has grown to over 35 centres in Penang and has since widened its presence in Klang Valley. Melody provides international exposure in a localised conducive learning environment that allows its students to have the relevant curriculum as well as unique experiences.

Knowledge alone is not enough; Melody ensures that its students are equipped with the required skills to navigate the future. These included skills such as critical thinking, communication, creativity, collaboration and problem-solving that are all developed through its project-based learning programs.

Majority of the education programs today focus on the left brain. Melody believes when right-brain programs are included in one’s learning experience, it enhances a child’s learning ability.

The space chosen to house Melody in 8th & Stellar is a generous 6,000 sf space that can accommodate 140 kids; which includes the capacity of the kindergarten and daycare centre with a total investment cost of RM1mil.

“Melody Kindyland does not merely incorporate fun, but a thorough education system for young children, providing a solid educational foundation in the 3Rs, aside from encouraging leadership skills even at this tender age by coaxing children to share their ideas through gathering information and setting goals, having group discussions as well as brainstorming.

The DITOSO Right Brain Enhancing Programs nurture creativity by allowing the children to explore, fine-tune thinking skills and increase problem-solving abilities and language expression.

Artistic activities such as drama, magic, art and craft are used to achieve this. The medium of instruction is in English, and progress is measured using age-appropriate activities, tests and images.

At the end of the curriculum, all children receive a Cambridge certificate of achievement. Hence a rigorous and all-rounded education is achieved through, literally, child’s play!” Mr Samuel added.

8th & Stellar was officially launched on 26 February of this year, has thus far achieved a take-up of 40%, while completion is slated for the fourth quarter of 2022.

(9th September 2019)


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