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Imagine this - you’ve had a full day with back-to-back appointments and errands. You are physically drained and so are your digital devices. You most definitely cannot wait to get back home, kick back your feet and listen to some soothing beats.

With shrinking home sizes evident in newly launched high-rise developments, maximising the comfort and capabilities of a limited space should be of top priority. The living room being the heart of a home is an important area to start, where it is also a spot for your family, friends and pets to spend time together.

Take a look at some of the living room goals that most of us would probably want to achieve right now!

Upsizing Comfort, Minus the Clunk

Is bigger really better when it comes to incorporating a sofa set that would usually occupy a great deal of space? Ask yourself what would you look out for when you rest on a sofa, after a hectic day.

Most people would agree that relaxing and putting up one’s feet in a comfy lounge-like position is just what the doctor ordered.

You may find yourself dozing off into a nap while trying to finish reading a book while relaxing on the HOMER sofa, as its spacious seat width and full-recline angle would give you and your entire household, complete comfort.

There is no need for the extra bulk of having a footstool with the HOMER sofa, which features a high-leg mechanism that conceals the footrest, while maintaining full leg extension comfort when opened, at the touch of a button.   

Best of all, the near-wall mechanism ensures that the HOMER sofa can be placed near any wall, as upon reclining the backrest would incline forward and outwards instead. Adding to that, the slim armrest design is ideal for the living room to appear more spacious.

With such extensive customisation features, you will not have to worry about the HOMER sofa perfectly fitting into your home, as there are 1, 2 and 3-seater sofa options, along with a wide range of colours for one to choose from. 

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Carefree and Convenient Please

Now that you are in your comfort zone, everything from that last piece of pizza right up to your pet cat would be staring at you and demanding your undivided attention.

The next thing you know - both the pizza and your cat have landed on your precious sofa. However, the aftermath of this mess does not have to end up in stains and scratches.

When choosing a sofa, one would need to look out for the type of sofa material and its other qualities that are suited to the different lifestyles of different people. FabricGard is a smart and innovative fabric with stain-resistant properties, making it convenient to clean with just water.

Along with the merits of easy maintenance, FabricGard is also pet-friendly as it has an in-built microsuede material structure that ensures that the fabric is scratch-resistant as well, with a barrier created within the material to prevent the fibre from fraying in the event that it is scratched.

The last thing you would want is to face various inconveniences with the upkeep of a sofa around children, pets and at times even your careless self!

FabricGard is an exclusively-sourced fabric originating from Korea. Despite its many features it is competitively priced, thus holds definite value for money! HOMER sofa is available in three neutral shades of FabricGard – creame, neue and graphite.

Injecting your Personality

With the aforementioned worries out of your mind, all you would want to do right now is to immerse yourself in your favourite playlist, but where is the sound coming from? Can’t be from a television console!

A contemporary living room requires character. One would usually show off some of the moments closest to your heart by displaying vacation photos and travel mementos, but what if you are faced with limited space? Adding on to that, conventional soundbars and speakers systems would usually take up sizeable surface space too!

Well, you may use the BESTA media storage solution from IKEA, but can it play your personalised Spotify playlist? You can do that with the MUSE TV console - a piece of multi-purpose furniture draped in a walnut material complemented with a matte black texture, designed to look classy and contemporary.

Aside from its mid-century modern style, the MUSE TV console is much more than just aesthetics, as it incorporates a Bluetooth music player with speaker functionalities built-in.

Your personality creates the atmosphere within a living room, and the MUSE TV console will be an awesome addition to enhance the ambience of the living room.

MUSE TV console

Smart Furniture

It is 2019, most of use would own several smart devices and never seem to have enough charging spots around the home. An increasing number of individuals have equipped their homes with smart technology, thus when it comes to furniture selection – choose one that will seamlessly fit into the smart digital age.

With the HOMER sofa, you will find USB ports integrated with the incline button. This 2.1A output allows you to charge smart devices efficiently.

On top of Bluetooth as its key feature, the MUSE TV console also offers 2 USB ports at a max output of 3.5A, in which you can plug in a decorative digital clock or even an electric humidifier. 

Which of these living room goals would you like to achieve before 2020? Say goodbye to your stress with an ultimate living room that meets all your needs.

(Article contributed by Cellini, edited by Viknesh Ashley Clarence, 12 September 2019)


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Good to consider modern design furniture for the compact living spaces one has. More of budget and art balance. LOL

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Modern and affordable furnishing is a priority

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Everything depends on the size of a living room and a person's budget. 

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Simplicity of lifestyle is the future trend. :)