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With the increasing prices of lodging experienced across the globe as well as locally by avid travellers and businessmen, Airbnb has recently become one of the best options to go on a vacation or visit another city without breaking the bank.

This is because of the many options presented on Airbnb that meet the standards of several clients as well as the opportunity of making extra cash by leasing out a small part of your home on the aforementioned website

It is common even for you to look out for properties with a Superhost status on Airbnb, as these hosts have gone the extra mile to keep their clients happy, thus resulting in a successful Airbnb business, whereby guests are satisfied and would usually leave delightful comments about a particular stay resulting in more client bookings!

Find out what it takes to become a Superhost and glance through what you should do if you want to become a successful Airbnb host! 


Make an Impression

Typically, when prospective guests scroll through a list of available properties for a vacation or an extended stay, the first means of judging whether or not a property is suitable is via the available images that are posted; which would give a rough idea of what a property may offer. This information is most commonly accessed via various lodging websites including Airbnb.

It is understood that your property may not belong to a hotel chain or franchise, however, it is wise to take cues with regard to the crisp images used to portray the features of individual rooms, just like what is done on the website of a hotel. Doing so will instantly give your property the needed edge!

Avoid uploading images that are substandard that may portray your offering in a bad light!



Create Clear Descriptions

The next step into inviting potential guests to choose your property is the description to match the images that you have uploaded! Avoid writing too much, misrepresenting or even providing information about the property that would make the property seem too good to believe.

It is best to once again take cues from hoteliers and keep the information factual, describing to future clients exactly what they are getting for their money. Honest descriptions that match a property are one of the easiest ways to maintain authenticity and provide future guests with a clear picture of your offering and what makes it stand out from the rest!


Work Out a Pricing Strategy

Take a glance through any given booking site and you would instantly notice that what makes a particular booking site better than the next, is the lower rates it would offer. However, one would also notice that booking rates are never constant and can change even within a matter of hours in a day.

Well if you do not know where to begin with a pricing strategy you can start off with charging extra on weekends and peak holiday periods and place substantial price cuts on lower demand periods so that the pricing of your property always remains competitive. This will also create an impression that your property is in fact in demand.


Understand your Competition

As the popular saying goes, keep your friends close but your enemies closer. This reflects perfectly with regards to what you should do with your competition. When you own an Airbnb business one of the key ways to stay relevant is to understand exactly what the competition is offering in terms of pricing, facilities, interior design, themes and several other aspects to understand where your offering stands.


Abide by Rules

One of the key factors to ensure that your Airbnb business survives for a long term is to always go by the book, with regard to following the rules and regulations of your locality as well as understanding the terms and conditions set by Airbnb. No matter how good your property is compared to others, breaking the rules can result in the downfall of your enterprise.


Hospitality Sells

When it comes to hospitality, there is never a rule or guidebook as to how hospitable one should be for one’s client. On that note, you do not have to go over the top, however, simple things such as picking up one’s client from the airport, providing maps and suggestions of places to visit, responding on a timely basis as well as providing important telephone numbers in case of an emergency.

Don't ever feel that the extra effort that you place to pamper your clients will go to waste. Good hospitality is essential and can decide if customers return to a particular property or not, as well as help you acquire an Airbnb Superhost status.


Squeaky Clean Interiors

Even if a property is basic and doesn't provide extra features, it is of high importance that all sleeping options (beds), bathrooms, as well as common areas are kept spotless.

All Airbnb hosts must be responsible and offer extremely clean units or suffer the consequences of receiving bad reviews and comments that could forever affect the reputation of your Airbnb business.

Some of the things that are of top priority on guests include the availability of clean and unstained pillows, bed sheets, blankets and new towels. The aforementioned items are inexpensive and should get a yearly replacement as it can truly dictate the experience that a guest receives in an Airbnb accommodation.


Seek Reviews from Guests

Reviews play such an important role in getting new clientele to visit and book your property. A first-hand experience that is favourable should provide enough confidence for future guests that are interested in your property, to make a booking decision.

Thus the right thing to do is to request your guests to review your property and relate the pleasant experience they had during their stay in your property!

Always remember receiving bad reviews do not mean that all hope is lost. What an Airbnb should do, is learn from your mistakes and improve your listing until it becomes favourable!


Complete your Listing

Before publishing your Airbnb property one must always remember to take time and complete each and every part that would reflect the property. An incomplete listing can greatly affect the number of times a client would book a particular property.

Incomplete information is one of the most common ways that creates doubts amongst users that are considering your property. Just remember there are thousands of listings on Airbnb for potential guests to choose from. If your property lacks information, a guest would just move on to the next best available option (a listing with complete information).


Though it seems that the ladder to success is hard to reach, with much to understand and practice before one’s Airbnb offering is truly a success, all the aforementioned do’s will definitely reward a listing owner inevitably, albeit with enough patience and perseverance. All the best!

(17 September 2019)


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on hindsight, we need reviews of prospective guests, otherwise the income from airbnb will be road to disaster........... thanks for sharing, yes agreed the images will affect judgement to book or not to book plus the descriptions

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Residential title condos are generally not welcome, or prohibited by many proprietors owners or the condos Management or Management Corporation (The Committee or call MC). In KL, the automatic default legislative rulings (DBKL) prohibits the use of condo unit for short term stay or AirBnB. Most practices now are widely seen at those serviced residence /apartments/ condominium with very small built up size and the nature are commercial title, such as in the mixed development community. Any owners or proprietors who wish to do this must weight and consider all factors before getting into unnecessary disputes, frictions or recourse that are waste of time, money and reputation.