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I'll be handed over my keys to my condo in a few months.

The locations in Bandar Saujana Putra is set to be filled with faculty, doctors and student as the MAHSA main campus (Huge.....) is located there. Unfortunately, my deal for the condo did not include any sort of furnishing. I wish to rent it out ...

Question :

Would you recommend fully furnishing the unit?
- Lighting, Air conds, water heaters, washing machine, fridge, Hood+Stove, kitchen cabinets, Sofa, Dining table, TV, Beds and wardrobes etc etc (Huge blow to my pocket, but I've been advised it yields better rental)


Would you recommend I furnish/equip the unit basically?
- Lighting, Air con, Hood+Stove, Kitchen Cabinet, Fridge, Water heater.

Reasons for these questions is that I've been getting very subjective feedback as things like Sofas, Beds, Dining tables, curtains are all pretty personal to taste and may deter potential tenants. On the other hand, it's likely a fully furnished unit would fetch higher rental should the tenant not be too fussy about the furnishings.

** note, I of course wont be furnishing with old junk, but taste is always subjective...

Dillema mode on. Help!!


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Oh.... Never thought of that... Something to consider...

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You definitely need to add value by doing up and furnishing your unit in order to get higher rental yield. Otherwise, I think you will only be able to rent it out at about RM1,500+- per month.

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Do the maths.
Furnished unit can fetch higher rental. But you need to invest in all the furnishing. Include the cost of furnishing when u calculate your ROI. U need to include the depreciation cost of all the furnishing also. Max, after 5 years u should expect all the furnishing need to be replaced. (tenants don't really take care of all these stuff).
With furnishing, u might also invite more calls from your tenant ... especially when the thing breakdown.
After all these consideration, u might opt to take a lower rental and save all the headache.

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It depend on whom you are renting. Normally if it's for students, they would prefer to rent a fully furnished unit.