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Though the idea of pairing contrasting furniture with crisp white walls may seem appealing, not to mention, the fact that it is extremely kind on your pocket; maintaining such a wall can come with several drawbacks.

Adding to that, over time the white walls in one’s home may present itself with imperfections such as cracks, stains and creative works of art from children within the household. What would you do when faced with a situation like this?

Wallpaper was initially not a favourite due to the limited choices available as well as expensive installation costs. However, with the increase of companies providing wallcoverings in a variety of shades, patterns and budgets; paired with value-rich installation packages now available, using wallpaper to finish your home is no longer a thought that is far fetched.

The process of choosing wallpaper can be challenging as currently there are just too many offerings for you to choose from! Take a look at this simple guide for you to kickstart your amazing journey of enhancing the look of your home with suitable wallpaper options.

Source: designourhouse.com

1. Select a Theme

To narrow down the multitude of choices available, do some research before you visit a potential wallpaper provider and have a rough idea of what you would like the different areas in your home to look like.

Compact homes can opt for a plain wallpaper or even bright pastel colours that enlarge a room visually. If you would like to make a statement, you could even pair plain walls with one wall that is draped in bold geometric shapes.

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Wallpaper can also be used to reflect the personality of an individual that will occupy a particular room thus, what you can do to make the selection process interesting is to get your family members to choose the wallpaper for their very own rooms. This way all rooms within a home will have a personalised feel!

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2. Determine its Use

There are several ways that you can use wallpaper in your home. It can be used to separate different areas of a room, used to create a focal point within any given room and even transform your home into a space that is truly unconventional.

You can apply wallpaper to all four walls of a room, however, choose colours that are appealing to the sight and do not overwhelm a space. One may also opt to install wallpaper as a feature wall within a space.

This can be achieved by strategically pasting the wallpaper on the wall behind a couch, behind the television console, behind the headboard in a bedroom as well as on the ceiling.

That's right! Dressing your ceiling may be the last thought on your mind, however, this daring decision can add character to an otherwise plain area and even highlight the floor-to-ceiling height within a home!

A good tip for first-timer if you are planning to install the wallpaper on your own is to stick to larger patterns as it will be much easier for one to match up between wallpapers rolls.

Source: ebay.ie

3. Mix and Match Wisely

Wallpaper usage can bring out the Picasso in you, thus using a myriad of patterns in different rooms is fine, however, it is not encouraged to do the same within a singular room as it will result in an appearance that is non-uniform.

Despite being able to choose a unique look for your very own space, different wallpaper options that are used to decorate a home can be tied together by a common shade, colour or pattern as a mixture of too many contrasting designs may result in a room to appear much smaller than it actually is.

First-timers need not worry as it is common that wallpaper companies prepare lookbooks that group showcased designs according to similar patterns and colour. This should help you on your quest to enhance the look of your home without having to crack your head.

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Source: veteransstudies.org

4. Cover Wall Imperfections Effectively

If you have decided to use wallpaper to conceal wall imperfections such as small holes, cracks as well as unevenness, always remember that using a plain wallpaper will only result in very little improvement.

What you can do instead is to use a thick wallpaper with embossed or raised patterns, use textured wallpaper, opt for matte wallpaper, avoid using wallpaper with straight lines and consider the use of darker wallcovering shades.

Homeowners should take note that light coloured wallpaper may not cover wall imperfections as effectively. This is because bumps on a wall may result in small but easy to spot shadows all over the wall when light touches it.

Source: wallpaperzworld.biz

5. Wallpaper Maintenence

To ensure that your wallpaper of choice looks brand new for longer, you may clean your wallpaper once in every two to three weeks with a clean damp cloth with water and gently wiping to remove dust.

Avoid using any form of scrubs that may tear or damage the wallpaper. Adding to that, remember not to use chemical-based cleaning agents as well as coloured cleaning solutions that may stain or even damage the finish of the wallpaper.


Now that you are armed with these simple tricks to make your wallpaper selection process a breeze, awaken your creative side or optionally if you are having a hard time to decide, consult a wallpaper expert to help create the perfect and lasting appearance to give your home a perfect vibe for you to relax and unwind.

(By Viknesh Ashley Clarence, 1 October 2019)


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