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Hi I'm new to properties, and am interested in buying. Been talking to some friends but everyone tells me different things. I'm told that all of these are satellite cities: Nilai, Semenyih, KL South, Bandar Seri Coalfields. May I know which is true?


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First u have to be sure what is your purpose of buying. There are very different criteria to consider when u buy property for own used and property for rental/investment.

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Hi PNK, what do you think of Bandar Seri Coalfields as an investment, do you think it is a good idea?

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Hi Lela,

Landed Freehold property with calling price now below rm600k, and with a KL address is definitely worth investing.

Interior layout seems very well thought off, and finishings are of current standard.

Do keep in touch at, or 0124500386 (sms or via Whatsapp/LINE/Viber/Wechat). Let's further discuss on this. :)

Happy to assist!

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1) Nilai & Bandar Seri Coelfield are the "last entry" to the market
2) Semenyih is the second "last entry" to the market
3) KL South - not sure you are referring to which area...or it is just too big an area.
my 2 cents.

What is "last entry"? :)

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Semenyih , Few New Development Township here , especially Setia EcoHill by SP Setia , Eco Majestic & Eco Forest by Eco World ...  

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@Msia thanks for sharing