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Does anyone know where to get the crime stats for an area or a condo?


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Best bet is to look for private communities set up on Facebook or Lowyat forum. Then you'll probably get brutally honest answers. Unless you find a group that's 'selling' the area or condo.

If you seek info from building managements they may not help much...

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Unfortunately I don't think these statistics is tracked or published. Try Gary's suggestion...

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Police keeps a statistical record of all reported cases. Not sure if they will allow it be shared to public though. Every occasionally they will release crime statistics without going into details. In terms of more localized information, your best bet are local joint community (rukun tetangga) or just the MPs. Management of condo's, I'm sure you'll get partial truth from them as nobody wants to remember bad histories. All the best.

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I really doubt Malaysian police division will share these statistics. Read an article that says our crime rate has reduced by 40% since 2010 and it's just a public perception that our crime rate is increasing due to exposure of social media compared to before. I honestly, it's a whole lot of bull crap. In other countries, they openly published their crime statistics and very detailed.