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So, On a monthly basis.... the majority or maybe even just half of the residents at my housing area pay a mere RM50 per month for the upkeep of the areas security - Guards, boom gates, acccess proxy and fencing...

Anyone have any suggestions on how we can have more people contribute to this as there can be no FORCE on it to all residents.

We who pay diligently on a monthly basis sometimes feel like our dear neighbours are riding on our contirbutions to their own safety. The guards are not even biased to those who don't pay.... but some are still presistent that 'it's not my idea, I won't pay'... Even when everything has been implemented and operational, people still refuse to pay... How la.....? Fence break will take forever to fix cause of non-payers.

** subjective topic. Open table discussion.. No hate just love.



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One of the reason, why people buy landed properties is to avoid paying monthly fees. You can't really blame them.

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In my neighbourhood, we have a community policing instead as there are too many roads and too little "wealth" to fund the abovementioned option.

Why don't they pay a simple contribution fee to help the security?
1. They don't believe in it. Pay, don't pay, also same. Still break in.
2. They don't even stay there! A great many houses here are rented out, It becomes the tenant's problem.
3. Well, too many roads. Can't possibly close all, all the time. So yeah, I wouldn't pay too.

How do you force them to pay? Can't. Just encourage. Hopefully over time with a strong community spirit things will get better.