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Have you guys heard of dto or "Determine the Outcome" concept? 


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I think this is amazing, because I have always liked "condotels" which is, basically a mixture of a condo and a hotel. Plus, who wouldn't want hotel like services on a daily basis? It'll always give you the sense of luxury living. 

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What is this all about?? Please elaborate if you have something to propose............

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It's good to have interior design and planning ahead before completion and taking possession of the unit. Time is money too. 


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Check out this article to know some of the unique concepts out there in the market where you can have a say on how you want your future home to look like - https://www.propsocial.my/topic/1985/designing-your-new-home-the-difference-between-co-creation-and-customisation-posted-by-propsocial-editor