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Is market still the same? Is there a slowdown? I think there's a complete slowdown to cautious approach now right? It's no longer wait and see, it's a complete stop, right? But I still see new developments coming up left and right and being sold out within months. So.... ? But I still think the market is being cautious. Anyone got any ideas as to the 2015 sentiment?


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Stay away... market is crashing. Keep cash. Cash is KING.

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I do believe most people keeping the cash on hand and not to invest due to our stupid political structure in Malaysia. I assume most people can see we are in a chaos situation and not dare to invest. for the situation that our ringgit is dropping forcing us to invest , it smell like a trap to me. what your say ?

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Join the boat and enjoy the rocking waves. Life's to be alive! Don't you loveeeee Malaysia :)

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"You want to be greedy when others are fearful. You want to be fearful when others are greedy. It's that simple." - Warren Buffett