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Are you looking for cafes that not only serve superb coffee and delicious food, but also functions as green sanctuaries, where you can breathe clean air and relax in nature’s embrace? If yes, continue to read our list of some of the best nature themed cafes in the capital. You never know, one of them could become your favourite hangout spot.

I. Three Little Birds Coffee

This café is a verdant oasis along Jalan Sentul in Kuala Lumpur. Above its open-air patio hangs thick vines growing on ropes, with dense vegetation in selected spots. Also, the establishment’s design concept of using communal tables, triangular chairs, and L-shaped sunken surfaces amidst the wooden patio, fosters interaction between strangers to form new friendships.

Aside from that, this is one of the best places to escape the hustle and bustle of the city. You’ll only hear the calming sound of water running over pebbles, and the chirp of birds in the aviary.

Aside from the lush and serene ambience, this place also serves excellent coffee and chocolate. Delight in their robust Mandheling roasts or other flavoursome single origins. As for their hot choco, it’s melted from Kalingo 65 percent dark chocolate single-origin made by French high-end chocolate maker Valrhona.

II. Tiny Garden

This is a café tucked away in a private secret garden. While the space is small as stated in its name, its filled with greenery. Upon passing through the nondescript exterior and entrance, you’ll find yourself in a world of nature. There are well-maintained plants placed all around – in corners, shelves and hanging pots. As such, it’s not uncommon to spot bees and butterflies lingering around within Tiny Garden, while you enjoy your cup of joe and pastries sold by the shop.

Moreover, some of the nooks and crannies are adorned with interesting decorations. You will find a plethora of different books and hanging objects like red paper hearts and an artificial parrot.

Called a miniature private garden in KL, the establishment is quite popular in social media. One reason for this is that the two-storey café serves terrific food and beverages. It also functions as a homestay for vacationers and backpackers.

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III. Botanica+Co

Unlike Tiny Garden, this café along Jalan Kerinchi in Kuala Lumpur has a spacious interior horizontally and vertically. The inside has a high ceiling that the place can accommodate small trees, and there are lots of smaller plants interspersed in the area.

Natural light can also easily get in thanks to the floor to ceiling windows. But the place is not so bright as the upper part of the window are covered by bamboo shades. At night, the establishment becomes magical with the large number of hand-woven rattan pendant lamps hanging on the roof. The floating lights also makes the place cosy and lovey-dovey, making it an ideal place for a romantic date.

As for the food they serve, you’re in for a treat. The dishes are elegantly and meticulously presented, in addition to being tasty. Their bestsellers include the café’s version of Spicy Shashouka and Red Snapper en Papillote.

IV. Passion Road Secret Garden

The downside to this café is that it’s only open from 12pm to 2pm and it doesn’t operate on weekends. But when it’s up and running, there is no shortage of customers who are attracted to its beautiful and leafy setting. There’s a manicured lawn with large potted plants placed in even intervals.

Even the design of their pots are creative, akin to concrete curtains hanging backwards. There is a large assortment of flowering plants, and there are white bird cages hanging in one section. Consequently, the pretty garden café along Lorong Kwan Seng, is a popular venue for parties and weddings. However, you need to make a reservation in advance.

In addition, people keep coming back to this place due to its great service and outstanding food. Among them is the delicious Asian set lunch meals offered at reasonable prices ranging from RM11 to RM17.

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V. Chocha Foodstore

Located along Jalan Petaling in Chinatown, this café has preserved the nostalgic countryside ambience of the past. It’s like visiting the rural village of your ancestors. This is the vibe exuded by this place.

For instance, there’s a wide array of greenery. There’s a medium-sized tree on a large ceramic pot and there are line-ups of shorter plants nearby. Besides that, the establishment contains large rectangular wooden tables, small circular chairs, and long plank benches, all of which stand on classic tile flooring. Your gaze may also wander to the ornate window grilles.

The cuisine at this cafe is of a distinct Asian-Western fusion. Among their more popular dishes is their big plate of deep fried chicken, fragrant pasta, Cincalook, flat noodles, and Chinese pesto among others. The food comes in generous servings and they’re obviously made with love. In terms of beverages, you’ll be glad to know that they serve craft beer and organic soda juices.

VI. Green Tomato Café

Situated along Persiaran Ritchie off Jalan Ritchie, this establishment looks like a bungalow that has been converted into a café. But the thing that will impress nature lovers the most is its expansive garden.

It is large enough that kids and pets can freely run around on the turf, while parents keep watch from the outdoor tables as they sip a refreshing drink. Also, unlike some of the above mentioned cafés that only have small trees, this place has larger plants that have been allowed to grow to their fullest.

Don’t be turned off by the café’s unimpressive motif of mismatching decors, as it’s among the select few that obtained TripAdvisor’s coveted Certificate of Excellence. One reason for their obtaining this honour is their appetising food made from fresh ingredients.

The exceptional Asian and Western dishes they serve combined with the invigorating large expanse of greenery delights their customers who keep them coming back.

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VII. Leaf & Co. Café

Just a few months after this café opened, it had generated a positive buzz in social media and word of mouth. One reason for the good response is its ingenious design. For instance, the wall at their open-air courtyard looks like huge jenga blocks that had been stacked haphazardly, making them fascinating to look at.

The owners also set up a secret garden and incorporated flora into their motif, although the vegetation is not as dense as the other cafes on this list. All in all, the place is aesthetically pleasing due to the quirky blocks, strategically placed plants, and the abundance of sunlight.

Located along Jalan Sultan, the café serves western beverages and dishes with a contemporary innovation. These include their very own mojito, cotton candy milkshake, and mozzarella beef meatballs.

VIII. CaféRacer 15

Situated along Jalan Tembaga in Bandar Sri Damansara among print shops, hardware stores, and car workshops, you might overlook this place due its simple kopitiam-like façade. But its Instagram worthy interior filled with artsy knick-knacks and plenty of foliage has won the hearts of many customers.

It has a courtyard lined with numerous Sansevieria plants, with smaller potted flora scattered about. There are also trees and large plants that offers shade from the harsh sunlight. Meanwhile, the courtyard’s walls are adorned with picture frames, where you can browse through the provided reading materials.

Aside from that, the outdoor area’s upper level is equipped with comfortable sofas and high chairs. If you prefer the indoor air-conditioned section, you can rest your weary body at their tatami seats, or just take a seat at the simple chairs. Food-wise, the café serves Western dishes, like hamburgers, in addition to all-day breakfasts.

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(Written by G. Zizan, 21st January 2020)


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