Satellite cities
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Do you know what Satellite City means? If yes, come share your knowledge, as I noticed many people don't know what it means.

And if you do know, maybe you can also share some of the satellite cities in Malaysia that you know of :)


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From wikipedia:
satellite town or satellite city is a concept in urban planning that refers essentially to smaller metropolitan areas which are located somewhat near to, but are mostly independent of larger metropolitan areas.
Satellite cities are small or medium-sized cities near a large metropolis, that:
- predate the metropolis' suburban expansion
- are at least partially independent from that metropolis economically and socially
- are physically separated from the metropolis by rural territory or by a major geographic barrier such as a large river; satellite cities should have their own independent urbanized area, or equivalent
- have their own bedroom communities
- have a traditional downtown surrounded by traditional "inner city" neighborhoods
- may or may not be counted as part of the large metropolis' Combined Statistical Area

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Wikipedia-ing is cheating, eh.

Satellite city as per my understanding, is a concept town built to compliment an existing city in terms of housing and living requirements. Haven't seen the term used much these days, but I do know Petaling Jaya is born as a satellite city for KL. My family is testament to that - mom travels everyday by train to KL to work, and returns home every night. Commuting is part of work, while staying in KL (though we have discussed it many times) has never been an option. We love PJ because of the less hectic feel to it, while still being just a short drive to KL city. In essense, that's what PJ is designed in mind for. A satellite city.

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Anyone else???

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Kota Damansara to Bandar Utama! I have a friend who bought a house in Kota Damansara for RM350k almost 7 years ago, his parents told him that he's nuts, that it's a waste of money. Everyone shook their heads and told him to wait and see. Welll.... he's definitely seeing and laughing now. =.=