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A woman was raped after an armed intruder broke into her house in Kajang Utama here.

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In the 11.30am incident, the victim was home alone when the suspect, believed to be a man aged between 28 and 30, broke into her house through the kitchen roof on Saturday.

Kajang OCPD Asst Comm Willey Richard said the suspect threatened the woman with a knife. "The victim was in her room when she heard a person ringing the doorbell several times, but she chose to ignore him as she did not know who the person was.

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"Five minutes later, the victim was shocked to see that the man in her room. He tied her hands behind her back before raping her," he said. The victim immediately called a relative about the incident after the suspect left. ACP Willey said the man carted away with three rings, five necklaces, an earring, a handphone and RM70. Prior to the incident, the suspect had told a guard that he needed to enter the residential area to repair a faulty telephone line. Police have released a photofit of the man based on the victim's description. The man is believed to be tall, tan and was wearing a grey pants and T-shirt at the time of the incident.



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This is proper scary! I used to hear loud noises of footsteps on my roof every once in awhile and told my husband about it. He said could be possum (we saw a huge possum many times outside our house). And when the contractor came to fix our roof due to some leakage and I asked him, he said it's almost impossible for a human being to walk on our roof because it's glazed and very high chance he could slip and fall.

Now that I read this news, I wonder what the contractor said is true?

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@Veron Hi dear, what you need to check are the beam spaces in your roof. I've heard once before that the older houses have wider beam spaces and are hence easier to get between and climb down. But for the older houses there is usually a proper space where they can climb down to, so you will need to put an alarm sensor there as well.

As for the roof being glazed, professional roof specialists won't have a problem with it. I have observed before a roof repairman climb up one of those very steep 45˚ angle roofs to repair them. Remained perched there for half a day at that. You may want to get a second opinion.

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@Fu, alarm sensor under the roof??? I've never heard of that before! I think generally people won't think of putting alarm under the roof because the odds of burglar climbing in through the roof are pretty low, I assume?

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Oh, my house has an alarm sensor in the roof. :) It was quite common at one point in the past, there was a story of a teenager who was raped and murdered in her room while her parents were asleep in the next room. Escaped scott free too. Because the opening from the roof into the house was in her bedroom.

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economic is down! everyone desperate to get money and do illegal stuff !

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Heh heh. I agree. My neighbour just got their house renovated, it looks like a prison cell now. LOL. Their house is only about 3,500 square feet big, and has 14 CCTV cameras. xD

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Omg..hope the lady get well soon. Thats one of the Pros stay in Condo/Apartment, "Condo/Apartment's security versus Landed house's security".