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I-Berhad has announced a new super app for I-City which operates on Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology. The application will be targeted at boosting the smart city.

In an interview with New Straits Times, I-Berhad Executive Chairman Tan Sri Lim Kim Hong stated, “This is a forward-thinking smart city. Apart from launching the super app, we are accelerating and enhancing the development with the Internet of Things features and a robust digital network.”

The super app will combine all the different applications into one, saving users space on their mobile device whilst eliminating the need for multiple applications. Being a smart city within an MSC development, every owner, tenant, investor, and visitor will be able to use this application to their convenience.

Said Lim, “Currently in i-City we have Central Mall i-City, Hotel Best Western i-City, over 4,000 residences, retail, offices, Sumurwang corporate tower and coming up next is DoubleTree by Hilton. The super app will unlock all services into one to make it easy for those who stay, work, shop and play in i-City. We will monetise these services so that the SuperApp will be self-sustaining and allow us to re-invest.”

The pilot test of the application has already begun with the beta testers being the firm’s internal staff, who use it to check-in via facial recognition and to pay for their parking among others.

Lim noted that, “From a technology standpoint it is not a big deal but from a developer’s standpoint, it is a milestone. For the app, you need a lot of infrastructure and technology and this year alone, we have invested RM5 million. This is a testament to the fact that when we say we want to launch a super app, we have already spent the money and the investments will continue.”

Lim also noted that the technology used will be widely available. I-City currently operates on 400 gigabits of internet bandwidth, which is 4 times more than that available at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA). In commenting on this, Lim said, “With this investment in technology, we can play a new game. You can’t call yourself a Golden Triangle if you do not have the connectivity.”

(19 March 2020)


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Any investor here in i-City to share more insight about the unit you bought?

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@admin_ps Good for the owners and visitors being a smart city