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What can you do as a real estate agent or negotiator when you were told to "duduk diam diam" at home by your PM.?
1. Update your listings and advertise online more.
2. Check on real estate blogs or chats to answer customers enquiries and stay on top. By sharing we are learning too.
3.Attend real estate training videos online to sharpen your saw.
4. Read a book or two per week to maintain your sanity.
5. Stay healthy and equipped as your services are needed.
Wishing all of you the best during this period of social distancing.  

Care to share any other activities suitable?


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Play some board games and video games that are related to real estate: 

1) Sim City 

2) Monopoly 

3) Donald Trump's Real Estate Tycoon 

4) House Flip 

5) Property Mogul 

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Yes update listing, maintain contacts with owners & prospects, read books, cook a few new dishes, repots some plants, home exercise (dance, yoga and the like)

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Find more listing and sleep earlier

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Thanks for the tips guys... It's encouraging during times like these. 
In one of my COA group chats, was disappointed when one fellow REN told another sarcastically; goodluck on still doing property. Cmon, if anything, we need all the positivity we can get. 

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Thanks for sharing your tips. I do the same too. By the way, I love reading the way you reply enquiries on propertyguru. 

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@fahmie_mnkl Thanks Fahmie

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@carmenfoong Yes exercise is good too. Thanks

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@chienyinkoh .... say bye bye to the person who said such thing, it seem he's exiting the industry haha

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Good advice, David. I spent time watching various videos such as how to create more effective FB ads and also guru topics on real estate business. In our normal time previously, not much was spent on reflection and learning due to busyness but the MCO is a good time to "force" to reflect, unlearn and re-learn so that we are one-notch up in our business when the current crisis is over.