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Since our PM mentioned that the companies/organizations can operate as usual, so u will continue work in your 'home sweet home' or 'real working environment'?


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We as real estate agents and negotiators had the benefit of working from home and outdoors even before the Covid-19 MCO. The reasons why we were at the office is because we were using the conventional telephone calls,  office computers to access data and information, meetings with leaders and bosses, attend training and submit hard copies of documentation and socializing. Now, with technology we are able to do all those away from the office. However, the there will be less physical and personal socializing during MCO.   

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Our agency has been doing lots of virtual virtual training & meetings  using zoom.us during this MCO period . It will be a trend for many people  to work from home at least for the next few months ...

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As real estate professionals, I believe we already have the experience and flexibility of working from home and in office, Office is mostly for meetings and administrative matters and home, at times, is for planning the business of our activities with clients. The only difference during this MCO is the unavailability to meet our clients which take most of our time during normal days. So my opinion is not much to decide whether WFH or office but more importantly, on planning how to "recoup" all the lost opportunities of engaging with potential clients.

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prefer flexible to work from home and office anytime