A mindfully planned township with home place  park place  working place  play place  eating and shopping place.
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The mindfully planned Gamuda City township in Hanoi. Image from: Gamuda Land

Gamuda Land’s first overseas development in Hanoi, Vietnam, Gamuda City, was named the World Gold Winner (Masterplan Category) in the 29th FIABCI World Prix d’Excellence Awards last week. “When we get the places right, the town works” – this is one of the key guiding development principles that Gamuda Land adheres to which contributes to its continued success.

This is the third FIABCI World Prix d’Excellence award in a row for Gamuda Land, with Celadon City in Ho Chi Minh City winning the World Silver Award (Masterplan Category) in 2019 and Yen So Park, Gamuda City bagging the World Gold Award (Rehabilitation/Conservation Category) in 2018.

“We are truly honoured to receive this coveted award for Gamuda City, which is also a recognition of our commitment to being a responsible developer who builds with respect to nature and the environment as well as for the community. The results seen today at Gamuda City – a thriving community in a green township brimming with biodiversity – are by products of steps taken in the past. It gives us the assurance that our town-making principles and methods are effective,” said Gamuda Land CEO Ngan Chee Meng.

FIABCI World Prix d’Excellence honours projects that best represent excellence in all the real estate disciplines involved in developing it, and has since recognised projects from 60 member countries.

The Master Plan category is measured on the basis of financial results, defining features and their execution, as well as their overall effects and benefits that the development brings to the environment and the community.

When We Get the Places Right, the Town Works

Gamuda City is located in South Hanoi and is designed based on careful planning. Every aspect of the town-making from how the streets are laid to where the town centre is situated, down to the tree-lined neighbourhoods, the clubhouse, the parks, the places to eat and shop - all harmoniously brought together.

Once a shunned wasteland, South Hanoi is now a thriving community amidst a green township brimming with biodiversity with the birth of Gamuda City.

Gamuda Land’s entry into Vietnam since 2006 was based on its foresight and town building expertise as well as industry recognition. The journey was in line with the Vietnamese government’s goal to address the nation’s long-standing untreated sewage problem. Gamuda Land successfully solved the problem through Yen So Sewage Treatment Plant after 7 years of perseverance with excellent engineering expertise. Then the developer went on to rehabilitate the dilapidated Yen So Park into what is today the largest park and the largest urban green lung in Hanoi, before continuing with the masterplan of the area.

Gamuda Land pioneered the novel concept of a properly planned township in Vietnam through Gamuda City.

Gamuda Land pioneered the idea of a well-developed township in Vietnam through Gamuda City and has established itself as one of the trusted developers in Vietnam with an understanding of the local culture, language, policies and laws.

(20 July 2020)


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Congrats Gamuda Land.