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Puchong is home to some of the best food in the city. According to some, it is because the majority of the population in Puchong are Chinese, and Chinese people are said to be fussy when it comes to their food. Hence whether it is breakfast, lunch, or dinner, there is always something good to eat at all times of the day in Puchong.

Because of the massive variety, however, this article will only focus on the best breakfast places in Puchong. To check out the other places to eat in Puchong, visit our PropSocial Discussion page and look out for our Puchong articles!

1. Foo Hing Dim Sum

Foo Hing Dim Sum is a name that is practically synonymous with Puchong. While the COVID-19 situation has played havoc with the opening hours of restaurants, Foo Hing Dim Sum is generally open from 7am – 3pm. It is a favourite breakfast place of the locals, whether they have just finished a hike and are ready for a hearty breakfast, or for those looking for a delicious lunch.

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Foo Hing Dim Sum is famous for their Portuguese egg tarts. The crust is light, fluffy, buttery and crisp, while the filling is creamy, aromatic and not too sweet or heavy. It is in fact their best seller, and many people come here just for the Portuguese egg tarts.

Their steamed dim sum is however a touch and go. Not all the choices in the steamed selection are good, only selected ones – you will have to try them yourself! Their fried dim sum is however decent, especially their fried prawn dumplings.

To try out the yummies at Foo Hing Dim Sum, visit them at 1st Flr, No. 31, 33, 35-G, Jalan Puteri 2/6, Bandar Puteri Puchong, 47100 Puchong, Selangor.

2. Rathaa Curry House

If you are in the mood for some southern Indian cuisine, Rathaa Curry House is rather highly recommended. They are popular for their banana leaf rice and variety of side dishes. All their fried dishes are freshly cooked to order, to be served along with the rice and variety of curry.

The banana leaf rice comes with 3 different vegetables which changes by the day, depending on the availability. The taste is however consistent and the vegetables cooked to perfection. Papadam and rasam are served with the rice, allowing you to have a decent meal even without any side dishes.

The quantity served is decent, and while some complain that the price is slightly higher than the norm as compared to typical Indian restaurants, the regulars praise the food and say that the price is well worth the money.

Rathaa Curry House is located at No. 22, Jalan Puteri 1/5, Bandar Puteri, 47100 Puchong, Selangor, in Bandar Puteri Puchong beside the Giant hypermarket.

3. Yun Lai Dim Sum

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The Yun Lai Dim Sum centre is another place in Puchong that is famous for their dim sum. Unlike Foo Hing Dim Sum, however, Yun Lai Dim Sum is renowned for their traditional dim sum. While it is unknown to most people, fried dim sum is a relatively new addition to the history of dim sum. To that end, Yun Lai is famous for their steamed dim sum selection, especially their siew mai and har gao.

Their specialty however lies in their buns (paos), as they were first and foremost in the pau making business before venturing into dim sum. Their most popular pao is of course the barbecued pork pao. The filling is very generous, and the bun itself is soft, fluffy, and fragrant.

Their red bean pao is especially popular as they grind the beans themselves, giving the filling a smooth and aromatic flavour. And a rather popular choice is also their Royal Golden Bun, which are small paos filled to the brim with salted egg yolk custard. You will want to be careful with this pao in particular, as the filling is usually steaming hot, and because of how full the pao is, the filling will flow out through the smallest break in the pao.

Yun Lai Dim Sum also offers a variety of noodles, and the unique fuchow chee cheong fun. While they have over 20 branches in the southern region of Malaysia, there is only 1 branch in the central region.

To visit Yun Lai Dim Sum, go to No. 1, Jalan Puteri 2/5, Bandar Puteri Puchong, 47100 Puchong Selangor.

4. Lin Kee Restaurant

No breakfast spot post will be complete without a Chinese styled coffee shop that sells a variety of food. In the case of Puchong, the Lin Kee Restaurant – often affectionately referred to as ‘Big Tree Lin Kee’ – tops the list of Chinese coffee shops in the area.

First and foremost, for all the foreigners reading this post, a Chinese coffee shop in Malaysia sells coffee. However, they are not specialised in coffee – it is called a coffee shop because the older generations used to have breakfast at these shops and drink coffee while having breakfast and catching up with their friends.

Lin Kee Restaurant is often referred to as ‘Big Tree Lin Kee’ or just the “Big Tree Restaurant’, because of the huge tree that is located just outside the restaurant. This coffee shop opens for breakfast as well as dinner, but while they are popular for their multiple food choices in the day time, they are famous for their ala carte ‘tai chow’ dishes at night.

Their popular breakfast choices include their curry mee and pork noodles. Patrons love how the curry noodles are so aromatic and full of flavour, while the pork noodles are a favourite for meat lovers. They also have a variety of other options such as Chinese fried rice and wanton noodles. The favourite choice is however still the curry noodles, which attracts patrons from all over the Klang Valley.

To try them out yourself, visit them at No. 1, Jalan Merak 2a, 47100 Puchong Jaya, Puchong, Selangor.

5. Puchong Yong Tau Fu

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No visit to Puchong is complete without eating yong tau fu – and in Puchong, the personal favourite of the locals is the restaurant that is literally called Puchong Yong Tau Fu. This shop is located on a random road opposite a school, which its business has thrived purely through word of mouth. So popular is this restaurant, that other yong tau fu shops have popped up on the same row to grab some of the visiting crowd.

Puchong Yong Tau Fu is however always the busiest shop in the row, famous for their freshly fried and tasteful offerings. They are usually open for a late breakfast at 11am until dinner at 8pm. Upon arriving you will first need to get a table, and then you will be approached by an attendant to take your order. Each piece of yong tau fu costs about RM1.6 per piece. The prices have however been increasing regularly.

Depending on your preference, there are a variety of vegetables and fried beancurd to choose from. Your chosen vegetables and fried beancurd are then sliced up into thick chunks, and stuffed to the brim with the Puchong Yong Tau Fu’s signature ground meat and fish paste, before being deep-fried to perfection. They will then be served to you with a big bowl of soup, for those who like to have their fried yong tau fu soaked in soup before consuming it.

You can opt to have rice served with your yong tau fu, but most prefer to just eat it as is. The sweet sauce and chilli sauce is complementary and you can have as much of it as you like, and it makes for the perfect combination with the yong tau fu.

This ends our Breakfast Guide to Puchong. For more guides like this, please visit PropSocial's discussion page.

(Written by Diane Foo Eu Lynn, 14th August 2020)


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No too sure for the No.4 is it talking about the Yong tau fu at Batu 14. The one opposite a secondary school and primary school Han Ming.