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Puchong is a township that is heavily focussed on commercial and residential developments. The top entertainment for residents in this township involves eating some of the best cuisines in Puchong, shopping at the IOI Puchong Mall, or perhaps even going to sing their lungs out at one of the many karaoke lounges here.

Puchong is however not just all about food and karaoke lounges, there is also entertainment for the sole bachelors, couples, and family members. Below are just some of the locals’ favourite hangout spots.

1. SetiaWalk

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SetiaWalk is a development of serviced apartments, retail outlets, hotel, and shops. It is an all-in-one development that lives up to its tagline of live, work, play. It is however the retail section that draws in the most visitations from locals and out-of-towners for its alfresco cuisine that line the vibrant water features.

There are many choices of cuisines priced at a variety of affordability levels to pick from, including Korean, Western, Chinese, and Japanese cuisine. There is even an economy rice shop that caters to the public but is mainly visited by the office workers in the area. But perhaps the most popular are the many laidback pubs overlooking the fountains, which is a favourite of stressed-out office workers after work.

Located at one end of the strip is the SetiaWalk Mall which not only has a Loudspeaker karaoke lounge, it also has a GSC cinema. And located on the ground floor is a Redtick supermarket and a non-halal specialised shop, completing the shopping and eating experience at SetiaWalk.

If you have not visited them yet, you can do so at Taman Wawasan, 47100 Puchong, Selangor.

2. Ayer Hitam Forest Reserve

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The Ayer Hitam Forest Reserve, otherwise also known to the locals as Puchong Hill, is a natural attraction that draws trekkers from all over the Klang Valley. This trek is suitable for both families as well as experienced trekkers, as there are different trails. The main attraction of this trek for experienced trekkers is reaching the forbidden Blue Lagoon. Visitors are required to obtain a permit in order to visit the Blue Lagoon.

The Blue Lagoon is a hidden pool in the forest with crystal clear waters surrounded by trees. While the waters look shallow to the bare eye, the pool beneath the waterfall is said to be 13 metres deep with strong underwater currents. Visitors are strictly not allowed to bath in this pool due to the dangers of the underwater currents. In fact, as the natives’ legends have it, a swimmer who once swam to the depth of the pool never resurfaced – and his body has never been found to this day.

If that story has not creeped you out, you can visit them at the Ayer Hitam Forest Reserve Trail 47100 Puchong, Selangor

*Disclaimer: The forest reserve, in general, is open to the public, but not the Blue Lagoon. 

3. Taman Wawasan Recreational Park

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This is another favourite nature retreat for the locals but is definitely skewed towards families. The Taman Wawasan Recreational Park is a park that is similar to the Botanical Gardens, just smaller. The jogging trek that goes around the park is approximately 5 kilometres long, providing an easy walking or jogging route to families and children.

The park offers restroom facilities, as well as a couple of other family entertainment points such as the Pigeon Feeding point and Bougainvilla Garden. These two are located along the path, providing a nice rest point for joggers. There is also a spot to donate your old belongings to the less fortunate located along the path, at the Recycling House. For an idea of where each of these points is, you can refer to the map on this site.

A stream runs through the park alongside outdoor exercise equipment that intersperses the greens, and there are also a couple of playgrounds for the children to have fun in the mornings and evenings. There is also a public futsal and basketball court for the use of visitors.

For a relaxing evening out in Puchong, visit the Taman Wawasan Recreational Park at Persiaran Wawasan, Taman Wawasan, 47100 Puchong, Selangor.

4. Uptown Puchong Night Bazaar

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If you have nothing else to do at night and would like a taste of the local lifestyle, the Uptown Puchong Night Bazaar is for you. There are seafood restaurants, restaurants that sell typical Malaysian cuisine, food outlets with shisha, gadgets, massage parlours, vape shops, barbers, and cheap rip off clothing, bags, and accessories among others.

The locals enjoy coming here for an all-in-one experience, including the occasional event that happens over the weekends. Visitors enjoy coming here for the variety of food they can get, as well as the shopping experience they can enjoy. While there are no genuine branded goods that can be found here, the rip-offs and no-namers are of good quality and make for great buys.

The Uptown Puchong Night Bazaar does not open early, so if you want to have the full experience, you should plan to only arrive there after 6pm. The more popular restaurants however sell out of food relatively fast, some of them even by 9.30pm. So if there is a particular restaurant that you are eyeing, you will want to reach the restaurant ahead of the crowd.

To spend a pleasant night in Puchong, visit the Uptown Puchong Night Bazaar at PT 69303, Jalan Puchong, Taman Meranti Jaya, 47100 Puchong, Selangor

This concludes our guide to the best places to hang out in Puchong. For more on Puchong and the other popular suburbs in the Klang Valley, visit PropSocial's discussion page.

(Written by Diane Foo Eu Lynn, 19th August 2020)


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Interesting entertainment spots around Puchong. 

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