Similar to Kuala Lumpur’s history, the 473-acre Desa ParkCity (DPC) arose from a barren mine to become the city’s first-ever new and famous urbanist township. First unveiled in 2002, the township was developed through innovative placemaking, housing concepts and designs. Now nearly two decades later, the award-winning developer ParkCity Group shows no signs of stopping from reinforcing DPC's legacy as one of Malaysians' most sought-after places to call home.

Currently home to 16,500 residents, DPC has sold more than 4,000 homes including landed and high-rise residential properties, as well as 520 commercial parcels in Plaza Arkadia, a mixed-use hybrid development. The township continues to be a prime attraction to modern homebuyers and neighboring communities as a bustling and ever-growing community hub. This is mainly because of the successful application of 5 core pillars within township development - family, community, convenience, neighbourhood and connectivity.

1. Once a Barren Quarry Land

Unbeknownst to many, the beautiful Desa ParkCity (DPC) was once an active quarry mine. The planning, design and development of this iconic township in 1999 was challenging due to poor soil conditions and granite presence.

However, today it has become one of the most connected townships in Kuala Lumpur. Evidently, connectivity is hardly a barrier to the well-planned township through The Waterfront and Plaza Arkadia, which provides easy access between homes, shops and parks.

Above all, DPC also fulfils the connectivity factor as it is strategically located between Petaling Jaya and Mont Kiara, and just 15 km away from Kuala Lumpur City Centre.

DPC can be easily accessed via several major highways including the Duta-Ulu Klang Expressway, Damansara-Puchong Highway, and the New Klang Valley Expressway. With the nearby Mass Rapid Transit Line 2 scheduled to be operating by 2021, mobility for residents in and out will be further improved.

2. A Thriving Environment for Families to Grow

One of the most distinguishing characteristics of DPC is none other than its Central Park, which is vibrant and pet friendly. The park is greeted with a flurry of events by family members of all ages on every day of the week upon sunrise or sunset.

In the effort to redefine spaces to suit ever-changing lifestyles, ParkCity Group envisioned Central Park as an ideal respite from the bustling city life, and as a spot for families to come together and bond over picnics, quiet walks, playtime or even workouts.

The idyllic Central Lake at the centre brings together every aspect of the park in offering residents and communities a green and nature-centered haven spanning 40 football fields. Park facilities accessible for visitors include tree-lined large jogging paths, walking paths, children's playground and iconic park benches.

Central Park’s uniqueness also stem from the wide array of plant species incorporated throughout its environment. These include over 125 tree species, 15 palm species, 54 shrub species and 10 aquatic

The charm of Central Park also stems from the vast variety of plant species introduced into its compound. Those include more than 125 species of tree, 15 species of palm, 54 species of shrub and 10 aquatic species.

3. Cultivating a Close-Knit Community

The ParkCity Club is equipped with a large range of first-class amenities for relationship-building sports and relaxing activities to ensure residents have an outlet for escape at the end of a busy day, while also providing the opportunity to interact with other community members.

Sports enthusiasts will find solace and bonding opportunities at the facilities that feature synthetic grass tennis courts and a multi-purpose hall with multiple badminton courts. Members who are into performative sports are free to utilize the multifunctional dance studio, aerobic and even yoga classes. At the end of a productive workout, the Olympic-length swimming pool becomes a perfect spot to cool down, unwind and relax.

Sports enthusiasts will find delight and bonding opportunities at the synthetic grass tennis courts and a multipurpose hall with multiple badminton courts. Members who love performative sports are free to use the multifunctional dance studio, aerobics and even yoga classes. There is also an Olympic-length swimming pool to cool down and relax at the end of a workout session.

4. Redefining Convenience

In providing a lifestyle of convenience to residents with a variety of amenities and facilities that are readily available, DPC has The Waterfront, a retail entertainment centre and Plaza Arkadia, a British colonial-style lifestyle destination offering offices, SOHOs, and shops such as restaurants, cafes and supermarkets.

With the availability of these two family-friendly lifestyle hubs, residents of DPC have their basic daily needs covered, enhancing DPC’s reputation as a sustainable and self-contained township. Additionally, these two hubs also act as event venues, hosting community events such as the farmers market at The Waterfront and weekend bazaars at both The Waterfront and Plaza Arkadia.

A township surrounding that provides easy access and short distances to the necessities of life, residents of DPC have the option to enroll their children at The International School @ ParkCity, an international school that caters to students between 3-18 years of age, offering both primary and secondary education. In addition, residents can also visit the ParkCity Medical Centre, which is part of the Ramsay Sime Darby Healthcare, for reliable state-of-the-art medical services or emergency-care.

5. What an Exceptional Township Design Looks Like

For ParkCity Group, to develop a lively neighbourhood is to provide seamless opportunities to enjoy moments, inspiring togetherness and friendship among residents. Desa ParkCity’s township design has successfully positioned the developer as an innovator that cultivated a model lifestyle.

To sustain a vibrant neighborhood, DPC has provided a wide range of property types that cater to different needs. They range from parkhomes, apartments, condominiums and bungalows to parkfront condos, semi-detached houses, garden condos and regal park homes. These neighborhoods are adorned with meandering walkways, invigorating landscapes, waterparks and wonderful gathering spots-all to encourage interaction within the communities.

Truly Understanding Homebuyers’ Needs

Being one of the most liveable townships in Kuala Lumpur, DPC will continue to look into the needs of contemporary homebuyers' way of life, especially after the Movement Control Order (MCO).

Moving forward, ParkCity will launch an exciting development called Park Place, in Q3 of 2020. It will be the first-of-its-kind condo development within the ParkCity TownCenter.

The Park Place project, spanning more than 4.55 acres, will be at a height of 53 storeys with a total of 537 units. In order to incorporate a fresh concept that encompasses public workspace with each home without infringing on the privacy of one's home, Park Place integrates post-MCO home features that accommodate a conducive stay-at-home experience, such as high-speed internet, gated and guarded security, good ventilation, substantial green areas and natural lighting.

“Desa ParkCity is well-known for its master-planned township and community, and we must maintain it so especially during these trying times. By following closely to our 5-pillar philosophy, we will continue to provide developments that can uplift the lives of our homebuyers and help them embrace the new normal,” said Datuk Joseph Lau, ParkCity Group CEO.

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(26 August 2020)