Award-winning property developer, Suntrack Development Sdn Bhd, unveils its latest project, Tuai Residence @ Setia Alam, that focuses on promoting Multi-Ability, multi-Generational, Inclusive Communities (MAGIC communities). Image from: Suntrack Development Sdn Bhd

Suntrack Development Sdn Bhd, an award-winning property developer, unveiled its latest project Tuai Residence @ Setia Alam just two days ago. With a gross development value of RM194 million, the 330-unit condominium project was built with a strong focus on safety for children and the elderly, accessibility and independent living for all ages and abilities, and community building.

“The Covid-19 pandemic has certainly brought some basic, yet crucial issues to light. For example, we all now know how it feels to be isolated and restricted to the confines of our home. This is often the fate suffered by seniors and the differently-abled in our community, due to limitations in the access to facilities as well as a lack of communal spaces. Sadly, the ecosystem generally doesn’t supports them and the inaccessibility stifles their ability to be productive and active members of society,” said Suntrack Chief Executive Office, James KK Tan.

Tuai Residence has been designed with great attention to detail for an all-accessible setting after almost three years of research into accessibility limitations in homes and is one of the unique developments in the country with complete implementation of Universal Design (UD). UD specialist, Associate Professor Dr. Naziaty Binti Mohd Yaacob from the Faculty of Architecture, University of Malaya, was the advisor for development’s design.

As a result, within each condominium unit in Tuai Residence, specific bedrooms and toilets are designed with rooms large enough to cater for the turning radius of the wheelchair. Other UD features include 900mm wide clear doorways in common areas and designated doorways inside units, ramps to access carparks, large electrical switches at 1200mm height, and tac tiles on floors in common corridors, amongst others.

In addition, the safety feature of Tuai Residence is maximised by fixing fire sprinklers into common areas and inside each unit to start firefighting efforts before BOMBA arrival, a few and far between feature in residential developments. Every floor is equipped with protected fire refuge areas, for those who are unable to run down the stairs to converge in while waiting for rescue efforts. Fire staircases are also designed for stretcher-use.

By having a Care Office on site, staffed by a registered nurse and trained medical emergency caregivers from its development collaborative partner, CALITY CARE, an Australian company that provides Australian standard home care, Tuai Residence goes the extra mile to address the community's wellness needs. The Care Office staffs are well-trained in First Aid, Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) and Automated External Defibrillator (AED) for emergencies management before the arrival of an ambulance. Cality Care also provides home care from low to high care for residents, on separate charges.

Living and communal spaces at Tuai Residence are meticulously designed to accommodate safety for children and the elderly, accessibility and independent living for all ages and abilities, and community living. Image from Suntrack Development Sdn Bhd

The aim of Tuai Residence is to encourage community building and promote inter-generational friendships between young and old residents. The name Tuai, in fact, is a nod to rice, a staple of all races in Asian households, a symbolic reference to ancient days when communities came together to celebrate harvest festivals and cultivate long-lasting bonds. The facilities at Tuai Residence aim to encourage community activities such as line dancing, tai chi, communal cooking, group yoga and community gardening. The development is designed with a Clubhouse for get-togethers, meeting and multi-function rooms, swimming pool and gymnasium, multi-sports hall for badminton, ping pong and basketball as well as communal herb gardens and a communal kitchen. The activities will be managed by a dedicated Tuai Community Manager.

Suntrack is extremely proud of Tuai Residence’s concept; which is in line with the company’s vision to build MAGIC communities (MAGIC is a term coined by American gerontologist, Dr Bill Thomas that means Multi-Ability, multi-Generational, Inclusive Communities). James explains that the vision was conceived from a desire to carve a niche in Suntrack products moving forward, and his own passion to build homes where the elderly can safely and independently age-in-place and where no one needs to be displaced at different stages of their lives.

Having previously won the prestigious FIABCI award for residential high-rise in 2019 for Kanvas SOHO @ Cyberjaya, James is confident that Tuai Residence too can be a development that is appreciated for its distinguished design intent.

Tuai Residence’s 330 condominium units will be built on 6.6 acres of freehold land, making it a low-density development at only 50 units per acre. Slated for completion in 2023, the development is affordably priced for young families and the elderly (starting price from RM490,000 onwards or from RM450 per sf) for units ranging from 1,109 sf to 1,927 sf.

Tuai Residence is located next to one of the most well-planned and landscaped townships in Eco Ardence, Setia Alam. Homeowners will benefit from Setia Alam’s mature township with options for grocery shopping or leisure at Setia City Mall and Tesco Setia Alam located just a short drive away as well as many schools and hospitals (both private and public) within its vicinity. The development is also highly accessible via the New Klang Valley Expressway (NKVE), Shapadu Highway and the Guthrie Corridor Expressway (GCE).

Learn more about Suntrack’s Tuai Residence via For enquiries, please email or call +6011 2222 8000 / +6011 2222 9000.

(25 September 2020)