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Guys, anyone aware or got more details to share for the Damansara Central park By Exsim. A Township project which consist of Dquince, DVervain, Derica, DCosmos.....


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what info u need? my fren from other agency got sell

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For me, talk it not from an agent POV, but as a forum sharer,
would suggest you go for tropicana edelweiss as it is beside tropicana garden mall, as well as MRT station. Nearer to DASH highway if you always travel and surrounded with shops and food also.

Ofcourse For the same price ofcourse, you will get bigger size at D'erica, but D'erica is honestly too high dense and it's not really suitable for family i would say. The inner road thru flora, is seriously headache, bumpy and scary. A lot of abandoned cars also. in terms of investment, high dense, how you going to compete when you wanna sell it or rent it out (if let's say one day you decide not to stay)
When a project is high dense, it normally attract more tenant than own stay, and it's hard to control for the security and management team as well. Don't forget about maintenance and sinking fund as well.
if compare to edelweiss, i will expect definitely will get higher price in terms of the convenience, comfortable, and not to mentioned, i think the quality will be better as well.

Downside of edelweiss, for me, because there's soho unit here as well, you might feel not really secure. But not sharing same lift lobby la.
Second, you need to walk to the mall/MRT with covered walkway but yet, not too far.
Third,not sure which part you work in damansara, if let's say you are going back home from LDP side, is quite jam at persiaran surian until here. (Anyhow you can take alternative, which is MRT)

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Can call me to know more at 012-3760864 for All EXSIM projects

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@windzneom Good Sharing !