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An estate agent is not just someone who goes and open your property door so the potential buyer/tenant can view the property. Many owners feel that an estate agents fee is exorbitant for the little work that they do. What they do not realize is that a good estate agent will have the landlord/vendor's best interest at heart from finding the right tenants/buyers to negotiating the best deals. Estates agents are also consultants for their properties. Selling below market value or untactful negotiations that lead to sour deals as well as pricing rentals or sale price too high causing delays in property sale or tenancy could be very expensive mistakes a uninformed vendor/landlord could make.

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The problem is more with the negotiators. Estate agencies need to do better to get better negotiators. Some common problems with negotiators (i'm not saying all negotiators):- not punctual for appointment, do not know the details of the property they sell, information provided are not accurate,  misrepresentation in the advertisement, not sincere .....

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Estate agents also play a vital role in handling the paper works, such as S&P agreements, tenancy agreement, etc. Normal people may not know how to handling these documents.

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