Seremban is a township in the neighbouring state of Kuala Lumpur, and is only a convenient 30 - 45 minutes away by car. It is no wonder then it is a common getaway weekend spot for locals who wish for a change of scenery. Not only is Seremban a matured township that offers a variety of amazing food spots, it is also a quiet, peaceful and idyllic place.

If you are stuck for what to do during the weekends and want a short getaway, here are some activities you can try out (after the CMCO if you are from other states)!

A Little Bit of Nature

Seeking nature in the city of Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia can be quite a task with all the ongoing developments. But a hop and skip away over in Seremban and you can find quite a bit to do.

Gunung Angsi & Ulu Bendul

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Gunung Angsi is one of the top-rated spots for a trek in Seremban. The views are great, and you get to see a landscape of nature spread out before you at the peak as opposed to the cityscape if you were to take a hike up a mountain in the city of Kuala Lumpur.

There is an easy trail that is suitable for families, and then there is also the slightly more challenging trail that heads towards Ulu Bendul from Gunung Angsi. Those who feel up to the challenge will be able to enjoy the experience of passing through some rather tight tunnels and by a beautiful waterfall cascade.

Gunung Besar Hantu

For another trekking adventure, there is the rather ominous sounding mountain called Gunung Besar Hantu. While the previous trek up Gunung Angsi and Ulu Bendul may be suitable for families and beginners, Gunung Besar Hantu is a trek that is only for the experienced. In fact, getting to the entrance of the trail itself will require a 4WD, as normal sedans may not be able to make it to the mouth of the entrance.

Visitors who have made the trek comment on the untouched nature, clean crisp air, and beautiful waterfall. They also love the gorgeous views of mountains and native residents. This mountain is one that definitely cannot be found in the city of Kuala Lumpur.

Jelita Ostrich Farm

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For those who want a dose of nature minus the strenuous activity, they can visit the Jelita Ostrich Farm. This farm is beautifully located amidst nature, and you can get gorgeous views of the mountain from here too. And despite its name, there are also friendly goats amidst the adorable ostriches.

The entrance fee is minimal and children are allowed to ride the ostriches if they wish, and you can even stand on the ostrich eggs to see how strong they are. Sampling of the ostrich eggs is however not allowed.

Seremban Lake Garden

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The Seremban Lake Garden is another great place to visit if you are in Seremban and desire a bit of nature without any form of physical activity. This retreat holds the title of being one of the oldest lake gardens in Malaysia, but it is well kept and preserved to this day. The lake is the focal point of the park, where families and couples enjoy leisurely strolls around it or picnicking by the lakeside.

Learning the Culture of Malaysia

Although most of us were born and bred in Malaysia, taking a stroll down historical lanes has its own allure. And being a rather historical city in itself, Seremban has its fair share of historical monuments that are quite unknown to outsiders.

Seremban Railway Station

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The Seremban Railway Station is one of the oldest railway stations in Malaysia. It was built in 1924, and has until today maintained its terracotta tiled roof, giving it that quaint look. Built in accordance to what was fashionable in the past, the booking area is open air, and the station features an Islamic styled cupola clock tower. If you decide to visit this place, you may even have the joy of chancing across an old-fashioned baggage trolley – the type that has long ceased to exist in British railway stations.

Church of Visitation

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The Church of Visitation is another relic from the past, built in the 1800s. Seemingly untouched by time, this church is beautifully maintained and preserved. It is a Catholic church that was founded by French missionaries, which used to be visited by the French priests from Kuala Lumpur once every 2 months to receive confessions.

Masjid Jamek

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Masjid Jamek is another holy site that dates back to 1924. The design and architecture of this mosque is similar to the Malaccan style of pagoda roof instead of the usual dome, and is a pretty red colour that has been unaffected by time. It is an iconic mosque in the state of Seremban, and is a tourist attraction for its unique architecture.

Centipede Temple

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Known formally as the Then Sze Khoon temple, the Centipede Temple is another tourist attraction. It is over a century old dating back 140 years. Legend has it that this temple was based upon a young man who left home to seek fame and fortune. He succeeded in his dreams and returned home, but was however unfilial to his mother.

In anger, God then turned him into a rock ship never to sail again, and it is said that a centipede then always appeared next to the rock ship. The centipede is believed to be a reincarnation of the young man’s mother come to accompany him, and visitors to this temple always hope to spot a centipede when they visit the temple as it is believed that it will bring them good fortune and prosperity.

The giant centipede that can be seen by visitors upon entry to the temple now was built to mark the spot where the rock ship and the centipede were always seen.

Seremban Gurkha Cemetery

For a walk down memory lane into history, there is the Seremban Gurkha Cemetery. While small and secluded, this quiet garden is the final resting spot of some of history’s fiercest soldiers who were killed during the Malayan Emergency. Across this cemetery is the Seremban Christian Cemetery where the graves of some of the British militaries from the same period can be found.

Sun, Sand, and Vitamin-Sea!

Aside from nature and history, there are also many fun things to do in Seremban! There is a myriad of amazing food, and of course, it is also only about an hour away from Port Dickson – the best and closest weekend beach retreat from Kuala Lumpur. Seafood and beach life is abundant in Port Dickson, making Seremban one of the most perfect townships to live in.

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(Written by Diane Foo Eu Lynn, 30th October 2020)