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This is a mobile app where a property owners can communicate directly with potential tenant or buyer. How is this going to impact real estate agents?? Is this going to be like how UBER is impacting licensed taxi drivers?? Like to hear input from people in the industry...


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We have no issue at all for landlord choose to use agents service or any other service. Just when somebody focus on attacking other instead of highlight their own good. Think twice. 

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@duenlim there is no strong credible neutral party conducted a survey on that. We have conducted on our side when we started and it was landslide towards negativity over agents. I believe that data is skewed heavily because that was the exact reason the landlord and tenant flocked over to Speedrent. So we didn't publish the data. 

But based on a macro view of 'servicing' attitude, I dare generalise that Malaysians do not have a great servicing attitude when we compare that to Japan / Taiwan, when it comes to mass market, not high end market. 

You can drop me a WhatsApp at 0192679338, and I can call you to explain about it.

@yunsyn We have actually started moving to that direction because we have a strong offering now to talk about our offering. It didn't mean that we were attacking agents, but we were differentiating and stating the pain point of dealing with agents. Now, it may not be applicable to everyone's experience, but I suppose if we use the same logic, then:

We are all wrong when we say taxi drivers in Malaysia are bad.

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Yes, good to hear that your side started moving to that direction and have a good offer. 

Base on that logic, that's why now a day users more on  just emphasize the convenient or rate fare about Uber/grabcar. The good of uber/grabcar instead of attacking whole filed of taxi drivers. 

Would it be nice if something like  " If that is no good agents serving you right now? Why not try speedrent, and we provide xxx service and xxx benefit " ..see, an example of not attacking the whole field. 

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@ppnnkk2011 thanks for sharing