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This is a mobile app where a property owners can communicate directly with potential tenant or buyer. How is this going to impact real estate agents?? Is this going to be like how UBER is impacting licensed taxi drivers?? Like to hear input from people in the industry...

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I tried it, no one reply me >.< i think it wont impact real estate agents so much, as people still need help REA to rent their houses

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even websites will also kena affected a bit

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As long as they are not collecting money from the prospective tenants and also just a normal property platform....

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Mudah also can let tenant or buyer contact owners directly long ago till now.
Market need agents. Uber is difference story.
Negotiation part is the key. If owners are too free to received 20++ inquiries and arrange for viewing then welcome and feel free to go ahead. But so far not many owner willing to do so.

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Agreed with Yunsyn

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Thanks for responding.

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Majority of the owners actually do not mind paying for agent services to save them time and hassle. I guess this app is good for owners who has all the time in the world to manage the entire selling process all by themselves including advertising, show house, paperwork, etc. Also, I think agent can use this app to sell properties on behalf of the owners too.

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The landlord will still need a good and responsive REN to help in handling the tenant issue within or after the contract. This middle man role is still important to make sure the whole thing going smooth and no headache for landlord side.


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Yes definitely agree, we as agents should take this as healthy competition, improve ourself and make our service worthy to gain more trust & credit from landlords. But I think the app would be great for landlords/tenant who wants to lease out the rooms instead of whole unit.

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It's free market can't avoid competitions, agreed with what was said above

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Mudah have done this long long long time ago which customer can deal with owner directly. But only charge advertisement fee, not like agent charge commission. So Speedrent if charge commission then its need register as agency but not advertisement company. 

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Speedrent also has something called Speedsign for rental tenancy agreement can even do e-stamping.

Has anyone tried Speedrent or Speedsign? please share with everyone their experiences.

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I would like to know as well, @domng, they seems like quiet for sometime

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Probably because of stiff competition. And for obvious reasons, property agents dislike Speedrent. 

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Speedrent is still alive and kicking :) 

We will be releasing a lot of exciting things this year, we hope to bring more innovation to the market... 

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Hopefully one of the innovation is allowing commercial properties to advertise in Speedrent!