Malaysia is a country of multicultural cuisines, with every state boasting its own unique food. Seremban is no different – it is in fact a favourite city of Kuala Lumpur dwellers to visit on weekends or off days for a short holiday and food adventure hunt. So what should you eat if you are in Seremban? Read on to find out.

Seremban Siew Pao

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This goes without saying – even if you are a foreigner, you would probably have heard of the famous Seremban Siew Pao. And where better to get it than from the place of its origin? Siew pao is the Chinese name for a crisp and buttery type of bun, similar to the fluffy char siew pao but with a pastry outer layer instead.

These pastries can be found in Kuala Lumpur as well, but the taste and texture differ drastically from the ones that can be found in Seremban. For one, the ones in Kuala Lumpur are often not as fragrant and comes with a thick and hard crust instead of crisp and buttery. Also, the fillings of the ones found in Kuala Lumpur are often minimal or hard and dry.

The original Seremban Siew Pao however comes with fillings that practically overflow, and with a very light yet crisp outer layer. They are fragrant, and still taste good even after a couple of days.

So if you are in Seremban, make sure you get a box or two of these delectable snacks! And if you are living in Seremban, lucky you as you get to enjoy them as and when you like!

Lucky King Bun

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Here is another delicious bun for you – and one that cannot be found in Kuala Lumpur. In fact, many a weekend holidayer has found excuses to make their way to Seremban just for this yummy dish – and often come back with extras for family and friends.

The Lucky King Bun is a huge and fluffy bun, with the bun similar to that of the char siew bao. Its outer layer is however baked into a beautiful golden brown, and its size is about 5 times the size of a typical char siew bao. Cut the bun open, and you will find an incredibly fragrant bowl of curry chicken nestled within the bun itself.

How the gravy does not leak out the bottom of the bun is a secret of the creators. Connoisseurs of this dish will then tear up pieces of the bun to dip into the curry sauce and eat them with pieces of tender chicken bits. The Lucky King Bun is a meal in itself and can feed two or three people depending on their appetites.

In fact if you are in the area, take a 15-minute drive to Bandar Sri Sendayan and check out the new township. The landed properties here are priced from RM498,888 for a 2,162 sq ft double storey terrace house.

Restaurant Sin Yit Sing

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Enough of buns for a while, let’s move on to the next most popular food that all Kuala Lumpur dwellers visit Seremban for a dose of – seafood. Being located next to the ocean, it’s no surprise that seafood in Seremban is far cheaper than in Kuala Lumpur, and much fresher too. Crabs, prawns, shellfish (lala) and more – all of these can be found in the city of Seremban less than an hour from Kuala Lumpur, or within minutes if you are living within Seremban itself.

One of the most popular seafood restaurants that is sought for by both locals and visitors is the Sin Yit Sing restaurant that is famous for its seafood. Visitors love their crabs and praise their method of cooking, with the favourite cooking styles for the crabs being sweet & sour as well as marmite crabs. The seafood beancurd is also a favourite as is the coconut chicken soup. Other favourites at this restaurant includes their claypot fish head mee hoon and steamed fish.

Being in as popular a restaurant as Sin Yit Sing is, they however do also come with some complaints which include alleged near non-existent service and inconsistent tasting dishes, hence it’s highly advisable to visit during non-peak hours.

The Sin Yit Sing Restaurant is only about 20 minutes from Bandar Sri Sendayan, with multiple access routes to avoid traffic.

Seremban Seafood Village (Kedai Makanan Seremban Seafood Village)

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Seremban is a potpourri of cuisine with a large portion of it dedicated to seafood. It has even been said that no visit to Seremban is complete without eating their signature baked crabs. It has also been said that there is no better place to get them other than the Seremban Seafood Village.

Featured in many media over the years, the Seremban Seafood Village is popular for their crabs which is said to be cooked particularly well by the chefs here. The crabs are said to be consistently fresh and fleshy, and cooked by experienced chefs so that the taste is perfect and the meat is juicy.

The popular cooking style for the crabs here include the marmite style and salted egg yolk style. The deep-fried tilapia fish in butter sauce is another favourite, as is the mantis shrimp and kam heong lala.

Yi Poh Restaurant

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Besides their signature dishes of Seremban siew bao, buns and a variety of seafood, Seremban also has many more common dishes that carry their own unique taste unique to Seremban. A great place to get your fill of the more common dishes in Seremban is at the Yi Poh Restaurant.

Offering a variety of Chinese styled dishes, Yi Poh Restaurant has many food options from breakfast throughout lunch all the way to dinner. Breakfast goers love the wanton noodles with its chewy texture, while others favour the pepper soup which they say is amazing and offers good value for money. Other favourite breakfast options at this restaurant include kaya and toast, fish ball soup noodles and barbecue pork.

The location of the Yi Poh Restaurant is rather strategic as it is just opposite the popular Seremban Siew Pao place. So if you are visiting this restaurant for breakfast or lunch, you will be able to conclude your meal with the rather sought after treats of buns.

Living in Seremban City

Seremban is not just a matured city, it is beginning to be a city that Kuala Lumpur dwellers are looking to for a family home. The homes in Seremban are not just extremely affordable, they are sizeable and come with freehold titles too. At less than 45 minutes to reach the Kuala Lumpur city centre, Seremban is becoming a popular location to purchase a home. To seek out an affordable home option in Seremban, consider looking at Bandar Sri Sendayan which has several projects in its pipeline.

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(Written by Diane Foo Eu Lynn, 13th November 2020)