If you have ever gone bat crazy because you were annoyed about how your room looks like but never had the time to have a makeover, this “MCO 2.0” is the perfect time to spruce up your space. Not only will you have more time to complete it as you are most probably working from home, but you will also be happier once your room looks exactly as how you like it because you will be staying home most days.

There are however many reasons you would give yourself as to why you should not give your room a makeover – such as budget constraints, know-hows and what-ifs. So let’s take a look at some of the many reasons today and put them to rest so that you can get started.

Giving Your Room a Makeover Affordably

There has always been the misconception that giving your space a makeover has to be expensive, but that is not the case at all. You do not need expensive items and tools to help spruce up your home. A decent sense of design is all you need, as no one will be able to tell apart a branded wallpaper or an inexpensive one that you ordered online.

Image source: unsplash.com

Hence if budget is one of the things in your list of concerns when it comes to your room makeover, you can mark it off your list of worries now as we teach you how to overcome this obstacle.

Shop on Facebook Marketplace

First of all, you do not need branded or even brand new items. If you start searching on the Facebook Marketplace, you will find almost anything for sale there, and some very peachy deals too. A clothing cabinet that usually costs RM1,200 can be going for as low as RM350 as the owner needs to move quickly, and all you need to do is get a Lalamove van to pick it up and send it to you. Depending on where you stay, the cost of delivery can be as low as RM40 and you will save a lot of big bucks just by not buying a brand new cupboard.

Shop on Shopee or Lazada

If buying new furniture is however a must for you, then shopping on these two popular Malaysian online shopping platforms should then be your priority. Everything from curtains to table cloths and wallpaper can be found on Shopee and Lazada. In fact, if you can think of it, they probably have it. All that is required is your patience to scroll through the thousands of listings and identify your favourites.

Add your favourite items to your Liked list, so that you can review them later. With this, you can pair and match items in your list before you order them so that you don’t get clashing colours and designs.

Getting Started on Your Room Makeover

Image source: unsplash.com

So now that you know where to get your items, the next thing is getting started. You may look at your room and wonder where to start, so we have listed down some basic steps for you.

1. Scrape and Repaint Your Walls

Let’s face it, some of our walls are in dire need of a new coat of paint. Painting it is almost as boring as watching the paint dry, but this CMCO is the perfect time to watch paint dry anyway.

The first step to starting your paint job is to remove the old paint. There are a couple of reasons for this, with the first reason being that if your current paint is of a dark colour and your new paint a lighter colour, the darker colour will show through or make your new paint look darker than it is. If that is not an effect you are looking for, remove your old paint before you get started.

Another reason to remove your old paint is mould, watermarks, and bumpy paint perhaps due to water leaks. If you do not remove these, your new layer of paint will not last long before it starts to crack or discolour as well. And also if you are planning to use wallpaper, you will need to remove all of the previous cracks and moulds before you stick the wallpaper on, otherwise, the wallpaper will not stick well.

And if you are unable to move your furniture out of your room, do not forget to cover them up or you will have a lot of dust to clean up.

2. Decide if You Want Wallpaper

If you want your room to look fancy, get a wallpaper. They are not very hard to put up, and you do not need to cover your walls with them from ceiling to floor either. Sometimes covering just half the height of the wall with wallpaper is more elegant than covering the entire space. Not the entire room has to have the same wallpaper either, different parts of the room can have different wallpaper designs as long as they match.

3. Make Sure Your Furnishings, Curtains, and Sheets Match

Remember what we said earlier about keeping items in your Liked list or shopping cart so that you can ensure your items match? This is perhaps the most important step in redecorating your room. Imagine if you have a vintage brick wallpaper to go with pastel coloured sheets and purple-flowered curtains. Unless your tastes run in that direction, you may find yourself needing to redo your room before you have even completed the first round.

This is where your sense of imagination and visualisation comes into play. Imagine your room as how you would want it, then pick out the items that suit that image the most. Remove the rest of the items that do not match this image from your list of Favourites on your preferred online shopping platform no matter how much you adore them, and then further narrow down the list. Once you have narrowed it down enough, then you can start making your purchases.

A handy list of things you may want to look at include:

- Curtains
- Bedsheets
- Desk
- Chairs
- Wallpaper
- Mirror
- Bedframe
- Decorative items such as decorative plants and wall hangings
- Shelves
- Wardrobe
- Drawers
- Decorative yet functional lamps
- Loft beds if your room is on the smaller side

Finally, good ol’ procrastination may just be the only thing holding you back from starting on your room upgrading project. If that is the case, open your Shopee or Lazada app and start packing things into your cart in preparation for the next big sale now. Once you start making purchases and the items start arriving at your house, you will have no choice but to start your pet project, and you will be all the happier once you accomplish your mission.

Good luck on your room upgrade, and do contact us to get featured if you have successfully completed your DIY home makeover this MCO!

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(Written by Isabelle, 12th January 2021)