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property agent often experience that owner will request alot agent to sell their property for higher price and more chances. however we often feel that property owner would undercut or do not entertain our services. moreover they try to sell their property by themselves just to save money.

What your say ? Should we enforce a law that property owner have to hire a property agent to do the job ?


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No, I think property owners should be given the choice whether to sell on their own or hire agents..

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Property owners can sale his own properties without agent. Just like you can sale your car without car dealer.
But if get a buyers from agent then undercut the agent, that the owner is not doing the right thing.

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How do we prevent that? I mean this could potentially lead market price to mark higher than the actual value. Of cause I don't mean reduce the possible commission that we can earn, but to keep the demand and supply in balance, which I believe would keep the market rolling in healthy state.

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Property owners are not obligated to appoint any property agents to sell their house for them. They have every rights to sell it themselves. BUT it is actually more time consuming and so much of hassle for owners to do that themselves. From postings of ads (which involve cost!), finding the right buyers instead of waiting, running around arranging for viewing, legal and loan advise, paperwork, etc. So, many property owners rather pay the additional service fees (commission for agents) to eliminate these hassles and safe them time. I don't think there's a way to FORCE property owner to appoint an agent to sell their house.

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I don't think property owners mind appointing agents and paying that minimal fees as commission. But the problem I see here is that a lot of irresponsible and unprofessional property agents are spoiling the market. Therefore property owners are scared and annoyed having to deal with most of these property agents and rather do it themselves. Like the saying goes 'one bad apple spoil the whole bunch'. It's sad isn't it?

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Property owner can appoint their prefer lawyer to do all the job. Is property agent been put it aside?

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Hayden, you have any suggestion?

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I think it can be done but it is advisable to engage an good agent to use their resources that is needed to sell the property.

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i dont think a law have to be enforced.
I personally think that, do not have hard feeling of being undercut so much. When it happen. it happens, cant be prevented.
Those who undercut, will always get their karma one day.

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Yes of course they can sell their property without going through agents, I think its fair to have freedom to choose. If owners choose to gaotim everything by themselves then they have to be knowledgeable about the processes in selling the property, if not it can be a waste of a lot of time and effort. Sometimes its best to hire an agent, at least they are trained to do this. But of course nowadays there are many bogus and incompetent agents out there tarnishing the goodwill of other responsible agents, so judgement skills is required here when choosing agents.

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Decanesis ,

I acknowledge that Australian were enforce owner to go tru agent todo the transaction in order for the Government to trace a clean & clear info of each property. (well i know ours G not really that good). Shouldn't that be more standardize and transparent ?

and about the karma ? I hope that karma start now , hahaha

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Australia property, if you are an agent there, probably you wont be earning as much as now, because of some of the agent sold the property without channeling the sales back to the property company, agents just have to agree with less commission.
People still like it here, because things still doesn't have a PROPER order, thats whats the investor like. They like country with uncertainty, not too much, but just nice to roll their money here :)
For the agent thing, i myself owner, and i also engaged agents for some cases, however, my experience told me that, with agent in Malaysia, i still don't feel any major differences when come to selling or buying a property. As end of the day, consumer are getting smarter, there are more things that can be done nowadays without going thru the MIDDLE-MAN. So, i would advise the agents should somehow upgrade their services in different sector.

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@sfcc80, yes. The solution is for all property agents / negotiators to do their part by providing professional services, going the extra mile and polish their attitude, character and communication skills. Don't think there's a shortcut. Haha.

Many owners I met have bad impression on agents because they felt that most agents are conman (only want commission, don't care about anything else) and they feel uncomfortable dealing with agents. So, they think that it's not worth paying agent fees and rather do it themselves. However, if agents go the extra mile and service the owner professionally and show sincerity in helping them, I am quite sure they do not mind paying that agent fees. In fact, I am sure owners don't just have 1 property to sell, they might need the same agent service again in the future for other properties. So building a strong impression is important, so that they will use back the same agent.

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The problem Sfcc80 worrying is property owner do asking agent sale their house and then undercut agent. This is not about professional services or not.
Ofcause every fields and professional job provided professional service to clients is a must.
As an agent we really dont mind at all for some owner rent or sale his own properties without engaging agent. But if engaging agent and undercut or not paid commission after deal. Thats is too much. Just like visit doctor and cure you illness then not paid, or go for whole and without paid.

We can overcome this problem (undercut )by let owner sign some sort of appoint letter. I myself never use before but i have seen some agencies do apply this.

For "Conman" issue about agents. Every fields do have some rubbish and bad person. That is the image from old tme "broker“ (without going thru agency) and government not yet legalize this job yet. But recent few years properties marketing good and agent do it professional way with engaging agencies with everything by law and finally government legalize its and issue "Negotiator" tag.
That's is some agencies (Cant state the name out) do still have alot of "Conman" agents. Choose some reliable agents to handle or market your properties. Ask friends around sure can get some good agents introduce by your friends.

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sad case huh , professional being frame as a conman LOL

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My 2 cents on this question: 

Yes an Owner can sell their property without going thru a property agency or RENs. This is a free trade country, and there is no law that mentioned you must go thru a property agency to sell or purchase your property.

The question to the owner is that whether they want to go thru the hassle of initiating the all rounded process or not. 

Secondly yes there are scenario whereby:

1. Agent bring the buyer to the owner property, and happened that owner is still staying there, and at the end of the day owner is dealing directly with the buyer (very rare case but it is still happening, as the owner wanted to save the professional fee that they are paying to the agency) 

2. Another case would be Brokers (so call runners that is brooking the deal with the owner but is not a genuine real estate negotiator) that often tarnish the reputation of an actual Real Estate Negotiator. They represent themselves as real estate negotiators but they are not attached to any realtor and working on their own. People often mistaken brokers as bad agents (but in real fact, they are not agent in anyway) 

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Just hire a runner, to do all the paperwork